Why It’s Critical for Your SEO Agency to have Social Media Marketing Chops

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When it comes to driving organic traffic to a website, any savvy SEO agency will use social media as a way to leverage organic search strategies. From getting a better understanding of target audiences for the sake of content optimization, to generating powerful social signals back to a site to improve its performance, social media platforms offer a plethora of value for organizations that rely on SEO to generate more leads and increase sales. 

This article is intended to help executives and marketing managers get a better understanding of the value companies receive when they invest in an SEO agency with social media marketing knowledge, as opposed to digital marketing agencies that offer SEO as a cold, lone entity. 

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Your SEO Agency doesn’t have to Offer Social Media Marketing as a Service

A growth-driven SEO agency may not offer social media as a service, but they should still use it as a tool for improving organic search strategies. In addition to generating social signals, initiating hybrid SEO and social media-based growth hacking strategies, and mining valuable data that helps improve keyword targeting and content optimization, a formidable SEO agency will also work with their client’s internal social media team to share and interpret data to improve goal conversions.  That said, ask your SEO agency how they utilize social media to enhance organic strategies, even if the service is not offered in their growth marketing stack.

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How Social Media Platforms Increase Keyword Rankings

Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others improve keyword rankings through a variety of ways. First, let’s delve into social signals. Social signals are created anytime social media users engage with a piece of content that’s been shared on the platform. When people retweet, “like”, share, and comment on a post containing a link back to the website, these engagement signals feed into the domain while alerting Google of the context and source. In other words, if a kitchen tools company writes a blog titled ‘5 Reasons Why Moms Should Cook with Ceramic Pans’, and they share the blog in parenting and health groups, the engagement will send “SEO juice” to that blog, and if the blog is linked to a pillar page, this will also empower the website. As this happens, one would expect to see keywords like “ceramic pans” and “cook with ceramic pans” go up in rankings. And for even greater value, your SEO agency should use one of the target keywords in the anchor text, within a context that’s relevant to buyer needs and to a topic covered on the pillar page it’s linked to.

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Getting Insights to Optimize Content not Available in Google Analytics

Google’s algorithm continues to advance to improve the user experience. This means the search results need to address a searcher’s need with an ideal solution. Due to the AI and machine learning components of the search engine’s algorithm, Google can understand search intention and gauge the quality of content that’s currently ranking. While Google Analytics may reveal top visited pages, session duration, bounce rate and other metrics that allow an SEO agency to get a general understanding of how people favor content, the details that really allow for content to generate leads and drive sales are missing. If SEO is used within a growth marketing stack, CRMs will capture this high-level information that can be accessed to improve audience targeting in content strategies. But if clients use SEO as a solo strategy or alongside PPC, social media can give SEO agencies similar high-level details on their buyer’s needs. For example, reading through the comments and questions people write about your brand or products helps marketers understand what the top popular topics are, common pain points and needs, what people like or dislike about the product, and what type of people favor (or dislike) your products.

Information like this can lead to custom content that will delight buyers by educating them in a way that directly reveals your products and services as being the best solutions to buyer’s pain points. In addition to  customers loving content that speaks more intimately to them as individuals, Google will place blogs and web pages in high regards, and with this will come an increase in any featured keywords.

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Social Media Data can Help Empower Link Building Strategies

One sure way to increase rankings is to get natural backlinks from high-quality domains. But what makes one domain better than another? Sites with domain authorities of 40 or 50 are considered average, and anything over 60 is considered excellent. If you can form a relationship with a webmaster or editor for a website with a high domain authority, and if the topics they focus on are relevant to your areas of focus, then any backlink containing one of your main keywords (so long as it is relevant) will go up, as will other variations of that keyword. Social media insights that reveal popular topics can be used to add a special layer of context to your off-site article and the link’s anchor text. Then, when the post is engaged on Facebook or LinkedIn, the social signals and the backlink itself leverage one another to generate greater SEO results, and therefore improvements in rankings.

There are a number of other ways in complicated situations in which social media can improve rankings. For example, an ace of an SEO agency can improve rankings for a website with no homepage content by mining social media data to discover focal points for pillar pages and blog cluster strategies. Really, the opportunities for tapping into social media to improve organic rankings are endless. 

Are You Ready to Upgrade Your SEO?

Are you not entirely satisfied with the quantity and quality of your organic leads? Whether you invest in a modern SEO approach through a robust growth marketing stack, you run a hybrid approach that includes PPC, or you just use SEO as a single strategy, WEBITMD has the expertise and the right team to help you hit your high revenue targets. Download our FREE guide highlighting WEBITMD’s approach to an SEO strategy, and if it sounds like a great fit, give us a call. We would love to learn more about your clients, products, and talk about an SEO approach that will be a game-changing force for your business.
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