What can an SEO Agency do for Your Real Estate Business?

Janet Lee
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The real estate market is one of the most competitive online markets for search.  More than 90 percent of home shoppers 36 years and younger begin their searches online, and this number is equally high for older adults as well.  Then there’s the competition, and not just from other independent real estate agents, but also from large listing sites like Zillow, which commands a whopping 44 million organic searches every month, and ranks for over 11 million keywords.

Understatement alert:  The field is crowded, and competition is fierce.

With a field so noisy, commanding a stand-out presence as a real estate agent is daunting, but remarkably it is still possible.

SEO Agency

An SEO Agency Gives You the Edge

The silver lining around this particular cloud is that real estate search is still mostly local.  This can bode well for most real estate businesses, but only if you can leverage some key elements, and this is where hiring an SEO agency can pay for itself in spades.

1)  Your Story

Believe it or not, this is important.  Real estate has yet to go the way of insurance, in that the real live agent still actually matters.  Thus, your story matters. So what better way to stand out than to cultivate your message. Coaching in this arena is essential if you want to stay competitive, but it’s not a typical role of an SEO agency.  Fortunately, WEBITMD is not your typical SEO agency. Our Growth Stack includes a Brand Story Workshop, which can help you appeal to your target audience by eliminating some of the mystery of who you are as an agent. 

2)  Keyword Research

Keywords are paramount to any SEO strategy, and an SEO agency will have the tools to help you hone in on the most powerful search words that lead to conversions.  Long-tail keywords are more associated with searcher intent to buy, but competition is often stiff here as well. The sweet spot is finding long-tail keywords that convert, but for which there is relatively little competition.  The right SEO agency can help you find these high-converting keywords, ensuring you are seen by those most likely to follow through with a purchase.

3)  Technical SEO

From making sure your website is indexed, to optimizing your site’s metadata, technical SEO involves fine-tuning certain aspects of your site so that it is more visible to almighty search engine algorithms.  This critical foundation puts you in front of potential home buyers, but it can get quite involved, so it is essential to have skilled technical assistance. An SEO agency can optimize these digital details.

We here at WEBITMD have been search-driven from day one. More importantly, we understand that to be seen is only half the battle.  Searches must lead to customers. Artificial intelligence informs all we do, and we work with the end in mind so that you can continue to grow your real estate business.  Our methods are proven, and we are confident in our ability to take you to the next level. Call us today at (877) 958-89074 for a consultation.
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