Be Like Dr. Frankenstein – Animate Your Dead Website With these SEO Tactics

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Today is National Frankenstein Day. While this odd national day may only excite those who love Mary Shelley’s gothic novel, or fans of the classic film, these tips will resonate with anyone who hopes to generate revenue from their poorly-performing website. Whether you are a mid-size or large organization with no organic traffic, or a small business looking to compete in your industry and hit those growth goals, now is the time to animate your corpse-of-a-website into a powerful platform capable of generating organic traffic that pays off.

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Start with a Healthy Foundation for SEO

Victor Frankenstein’s lab was the foundation of his work; Mary Shelley described it as a cell set apart from the rest of the home where he could play God. Though impersonating a deity is not your goal, creating a web-based utopian paradise where SEO efforts can thrive, indeed is.

Start by running a technical audit on your site. If you have any broken links, missing title and head tags, or your sitemap can’t be crawled, the report will reveal these things and more. For example, your XML sitemap should be dynamic so it stays in synch with the pages on your site. You will also want to ensure robots.txt is set up properly so that Google will know which pages to index. This will need to be validated in Google Search Console. If there are inaccuracies you run the chance of blocking important content from being indexed, and this (or other technical errors) could be why your organic traffic is dismal. This can be a delicate process, so you may want to seek assistance from an SEO agency New York service provider with technical chops to ameliorate any problems preventing you from ranking well.  

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The Hidden Laws of Nature

Just as Victor Frankenstein sought to learn the hidden laws of nature to create life, organizations should seek the hidden nature of how buyers engage content aligned with Google’s algorithm–how they work together to rank content in a high visibility landscape that transforms clicks into paying customers.

Once you have resolved your website’s technical errors and have a healthy host to animate life into your dead site, you are ready to begin optimization tactics. But before doing that, it is important to understand how Google’s algorithm works and what this means for SEO strategies.

Google’s algorithm runs on a hybrid of machine learning and AI. In other words, as people search online Google studies their clicks and engagement data in relation to the search terms used, and it detects human intention. Then the search engine self-teaches itself as it notices content that resonates with various search behaviors, and awards domains authority and ranking based on user engagement signals. This means that content loved by people is content loved by Google. And with the recent Google update content that doesn’t address specific buyer pains is being devalued in the SERPs.

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Empower the SEO Trinity: Navigation, Top Web Pages & Blog

If your website is dead to the world, you can give it life by focusing on site navigation, top web pages and your blog. You site’s navigation isn’t just to help visitors understand what products and services you offer while allowing for an easy journey from one page to another, it also tells Google what your content is all about. Site navigation is also structured data telling the search engine what your main categories are and it presents them in order of importance. Make sure your main products and services are built into the navigation as “parent pages” with secondary products stacked underneath as “child pages”. This will help your buyers find what they are looking for, and help Google make sense of your site’s content.

Your web pages need to be optimized with the right content to best reflect your site map, but more importantly your buyer’s needs. Start by understanding how buyers engage your products and industry-related content, create buyer personas, and customize keywords with contextual elements to make your web pages customized to your buyer’s intimate needs.

Finally, create a blog using the cluster model. Here, each article has a unique topic, in a precise context addressing specific buyer personas. Link each blog to a pillar page on your site for SEO power. This will either be your homepage or a main category page. Then link blogs to one another that are similar in topic. Not only will a cluster model help buyers navigate your blogs in a needs-based fashion, Google will appreciate the structured model and will have an easier time crawling the content thus improving your rankings and domain authority.

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Make Sure You Aren’t Blocked

Before you go through all of these steps to breathe life into your site, make sure it hasn’t been penalized for a Google penalty. Google’s algorithm is proprietary meaning some violations will be obvious while others may be hard to see. Use Google’s free penalty checker tools in order to identify if you have been hammered with a penalty or two. Once you determine the penalty and its severity you can begin to correct the problem and regain trust from the search engine.

In some cases your site may have been banned from the SERPs. Unfortunately, some businesses will unknowingly hire crooked SEOs who perform black hat tactics with the goal to manipulate Google. This may seem like a decade-old situation, but it still happens. In severe manipulation attempts your entire site can be blocked and the only way forward is to rebuild on a new domain. When organizations work with the best Los Angeles SEO agencies performing multiple growth-driven digital marketing services, their brand is in trusted hands and measurable results will funnel in.

Ready to Give Dr. Frankenstein a Run for His SEO Money?

If you saw value in these tips and are energized to animate your site with a modern SEO strategy, download our FREE guide on search optimization and see how we run SEO in a new, unique way that borrows tactics form the inbound marketing methodology. SEO can be measurable and generate revenue through organic traffic; learn how we do it, and discover if the strategy is a good fit for your business!
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