5 Habits of Highly Successful Content Writers Working in Top SEO Agencies

Jen Saunders
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There are many types of content: content for paid media ads, email marketing content, inbound marketing content, white papers, case studies and more. Then there is SEO, and more often than not thousands of clients will loath their strategy because it either focuses too much on rankings and less on customers, or more on customers with little to no SEO value. 

Now to let you in on a secret: the most successful writers for Google-partner SEO agencies with growth marketing chops are able to write growth-driven content with tons of SEO value, and that converts readers to sales while presenting the right branded image and voice.

That said, here are five habits that highly successful content writers for SEO agencies inject into their process and routine.

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1. Define Roles and Responsibilities 

According to HubSpot 91 percent of brands use content in their SEO marketing strategy, but this doesn’t mean they are doing it correctly by creating text that will help improve their online visibility, that’s compelling, and that is valuable. To ensure your content is ideal for Google’s search engine to love, and that will win over your readers, you need to create a healthy environment before anyone touches the keyboard, and this means defining clear roles and responsibilities on the content team. There should be a main strategist: the Director of SEO. Then there should be content creators, and of these someone should be a quality control experts, a researcher, and an SEO expert who can add value by including various tactics and an approach for the writers to follow. One you have a team put together with clearly defined roles, then it’s time to go into production.

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2. Savvy SEO Agencies are Keen Researchers

When it comes to successful SEO agencies, they will also be skilled researchers. In order to write content that not only ranks but also converts readers into buyers, you must know how the company’s buyers make purchasing decisions, how they engage content relevant to the industry and products, and have an advanced knowledge on that industry as a whole. Google Scholar provides access to professional papers written on various industry topics and consumer matters, and Google News provides access to the most recent articles relevant to a particular subject. If SEO is being used in a growth marketing stack, then studying deal stages, the buyer’s journey, and where people converted as leads will be eye-opening. Even creating a list of questions to have the client fill out that’s telling of their customers can help improve content quality a great deal.

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3. Write Regularly, and Often

Successful content creators for SEO agencies know the importance of exercising those writing muscles: if you don’t use it, you lose it. Writing regularly helps SEO experts develop fresh ideas and work through them in a creative, well organized matter as opposed to having jumbled ideas floating around at high speeds through one’s mind. You don’t have to be inspired to write, just open to receiving inspiration. This doesn’t mean you need to revert back to your grad school days and write a 5000-word essay on something. Instead, take an hour a day to write a blog, and if you can use it for more than one purpose (an SEO play and an inbound piece, for example), then you get extra bonus points for being creative.

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4. Study Your Client’s Audience, and Bend Like a Blade of Grass

One of the most challenging aspects of being a writer for SEO agencies is that you are at the mercy of your client’s audience. In other words, you can’t allow the needs of the audience snap your creativity in half. Instead, you must be a true professional and bend with the audience like a blade of grass in the wind. Remember, you need to write content that will be highly visible in rankings, but that ultimately offers value to customers. This means it needs to educate them into making a purchasing decision. At the end of the day, your client’s customers pay your bills because if your blogs don’t bring in revenue, your clients will likely not renew the contract. This means the best content writers for SEO agencies know their client’s audience at a deep level. Here are some common aspects of a buyer’s persona to note:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Job Title
  • Job role
  • Salary
  • Geographic location
  • Family size
  • Education level
  • How they measure success for their job title / family

When you can write content that appeals to common needs that revolve around these points, you are writing content that matters: something that’s buyer focused as opposed to writing according to your own personal style.

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5. Understand Content-Related KPIs

At the end of the day companies invest in SEO to increase sales, not to rank for the hell of it. Even if you rank above the fold on page one of Google, this means nothing if you have no growth or sales to show for it. In 2018 HubSpot did a study in which they discovered that 61 percent of companies investing in digital marketing services stated that their top challenge was in generating more traffic and creating more leads. Remember that just because you write content on a regular basis this doesn’t mean you will get the desired traffic or increase in leads.

In order for content to be discovered and engaged, KPIs must be established and content optimized to achieve these. Ultimately, a KPI is a precise metric that’s been selected to measure how successful your content is in comparison to your expectations. These can include social media traffic (traffic that is sent to a website from blogs shared on social media platforms), direct traffic, organic traffic, and form submissions–all things that can play roles into a modern, robust content-forward SEO strategy. 

Just be sure to study Google’s algorithm to see how it ranks your content, yet don’t sacrifice on quality when it comes to writing for the right audience. Thanks to Google RankBrain, it is easy to nail both of these, as they are one in the same.

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