4 Stupid Mistakes SEO Agencies Make Before they Lose a Client, Part 1

Jen Saunders
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Whether a surgeon closes up after failing to notice his ear stud fell into a patient’s chest cavity, or a mechanic repairs a customer’s car without first getting consent, every industry has providers that cause blunders, and as a result, they lose clients. 

When it comes to SEO agencies, some blunders can be catastrophic for business growth, be it precious time is wasted, or leads slip through the cracks and fail to convert. 10 of the best SEO Los Angeles agencies WEBITMD has worked with were interviewed, and asked one question: why do people cut ties with their SEO providers to find another agency? Here are the top four responses, all of which our clients have expressed to us when leaving one engagement for another. 

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1. SEO Agencies Prioritize Keyword Search Volume

If you can rank for a keyword that gets the greatest search volume, you can expect more conversions, right? Wrong. In this case, the “it’s a numbers game” excuse doesn’t apply. Example: “dog treats” has significantly more searches that “gluten-free dog treats”. However, what good is ranking for a broad search term when your target buyer’s are dog owners with pets that have dietary restrictions (buyers with specific pain points)? Would you rather rank on page one for a keyword that gets you 5,000 clicks a month and 2 or 3 sales, or a keyword that gets 800 clicks a month and gives you 200 sales?

SEO is the most challenging digital marketing strategy to run, and to prove value. So, naturally, SEO agencies will focus on rankings because how you appear in Google can be easily proven. So, naturally, they shoot for those big keywords (these take a great deal of time to rank for) because they can try to prove value to the client by showing rankings growth. However, this approach almost always means the wrong keywords are being targeted for SEO value, and they are therefore attracting poor-quality traffic. But at the end of the day, no business functions to rank well; their goal is to increase sales.

While rankings are still incredibly important and a critical process to getting high-quality organic traffic, make sure your SEO agency actually focuses on keywords that are more closely related to your client’s needs and that will likely convert better as opposed to going for the big keywords for the sake of putting a trophy on their mantle.

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2. No Focus on Buyers

We briefly touched on this when talking about keyword prioritization. That said, every aspect of the SEO strategy must come from a foundation of understanding how the target customers make purchasing decisions, as well as who these buyers are.

Even if you sell a product that seems as straightforward and broad as residential fencing, the buyer persona can dictate your entire approach to SEO.  For example, a property owner in the country with a garden will likely want a fence that denies access to wildlife, while a mother of four in the suburbs will want something that keeps her children safe in their yard, while aesthetically blending in to their home’s exterior. A contractor, builder or property flipper may be interested in wholesale products, while a school may need a fence that meets district regulations. Your SEO agency needs to work with you to identify your buyers, their needs, how they make a purchasing decision, who the ultimate decision maker is, and write custom content that will rank well and convert. If SEO agencies treat a product as a broad entity and chases Google’s algorithm and ranking data, you will be hard-pressed to get many conversions and will likely tell your SEO company to go kick rocks.

More Idiotic SEO Antics to Come! In the Meantime, Download Our FREE Guide!

Part two will be released in the first week of November. In the meantime, download our free guide on WEBITMD’s approach to a modern SEO strategy that actually generates revenue and not just rankings. Then give us a call and together let’s go over your business model, sales cycle, and delve into your customers. Together, we can find the best approach to make 2020 a great year for sales!
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