4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Off Site SEO

Emma Gasko

If your business is new to SEO and digital marketing in general, you are likely beginning your focus with on-site content and blogging. And while web page content is roughly 70% responsible for ranking a site, the efforts that happen off site play a significant role in moving the needle. The problem is that few even touch this side of search engine optimization because it comes across as intimidating, too time consuming, or people simply don’t know what it entails. In fact, more than 90% of mid-size business owners don’t even know that off-site SEO is a thing until they work with a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO and off-site content. Here are four tips to get you started on amping up your SEO juice in other ways by producing on site content.

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1. Guest Blogging

You are likely blogging on your own site, but did you know there is SEO value in guest blogging for others? By creating original content relevant to your industry, products and services and allowing more popular sites to host your content, Google associates their high authority with your site and you require value. You just need to have a link going from the content back to your site. Make sure the link goes to a page with lots of valuable content that relates to the article you shared on the referring domain.

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2. Generate Social Signals

Does your business have any presence on social media? If not, you are missing out on a big opportunity to create valuable off-site SEO juice. Create a Facebook page for your brand. If your products and services are visual, or you have a lot of creativity and know how to use visual imagery to market your products, get on Instagram. You should also have a Twitter account and be active on LinkedIn. When you share content on social media and your audience “likes” it, re-tweets it, and shares it with their social network, powerful signals are generated back to your site. Google reads these favorably because it tells the search engine that your content is relevant enough to be read and shared by others.

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3. Build a Healthy Backlink Portfolio for Off Site SEO Juice

We already talked about guest blogging. When you reach out to other domains to post your articles with links back to your site, make sure you not only have the links point to a variety of pages on your own site, but the domains you reach out to are relevant yet diverse and have high domain authorities. For example, if your business is a dog rehab clinic, you can reach out to various websites on dog breeding, canine health, dog training, dog toys, and veterinary clinics. Also, try to get a nice balance of “follow” and “nofollow” links. It can also be valuable to contact the domain’s administrator or their blog’s editor to find opportunities for more valuable backlinks. If you are also running an inbound marketing strategy, think about how your backlinks will help empower the content you are trying to rank for in the client’s discovery stage.

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4. Network with Influencers

Social media influencers are the glue that holds strategies together designed to help brands build meaningful relationships on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Influencers drive visitors to your website, encourage engagement, inspire word-of-mouth communication, and influence others to pick up the phone or make online purchases. Influencers usually have thousands of followers and people tend to regard their opinions at a higher value than the average Joe online. For example, if you own a hot dog restaurant, and the CEO for Nathan’s Hot Dogs shares your content or sings your praise, the social mentioning will likely lead to more engagements with consumers. But social influencers aren’t just famous people, they are also bloggers, social media experts, and popular YouTube users. Reach out to them, strike up a relationship by engaging with their content, sharing it, and giving them praise. There are a number of influencer marketing strategies out there that can guide you into creating these valuable relationships that will, ultimately, lead to strong off-site SEO value.

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