3 SEO Reputation Management Tactics that Also Promote a Great User Experience

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Online reputation management (ORM) is primarily dictated by three main things: the quality of your products and services, customer service, and your website’s ease of use. According to a 2018 Quora report, these are the primary things people tear brands apart over, or sing their high praises.

ORM services have been offered by marketers for more than a decade, but the longest-running and best Los Angeles SEO agencies know that search engine optimization, UX and online reputation management are three strange that can be woven together to empower an overall marketing strategy. If you are up to the challenge to take this on, these five tips will help.

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1. Know How Your Directory Listings Perform in the Search Results

Having actual verified customers review your business in legitimate directories is an ideal way to improve SEO while giving customers a better user experience. First things first, NEVER encourage reviews in poor-quality directories. Google views them as spam traps and your domain authority can drop. But when listing from a reputable, industry-related directory that sits in Google’s good grace that goes through a stringent verification process in publishing customer reviews, any link back to your site will drive in valuable SEO juice while helping potential customers get honest feedback from real past clients.

That said, knowing how your listings perform in the search results will help improve all efforts across the board. Note what the keywords are, what the page’s backlinks are and the content with relevant keywords are contained within, and create guest posts to referring domains that link to these directory reviews. You will also want to create a blog cluster linking to the reviews based on unique topics that address buyer needs.

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2. Be Proactive Based on What People Say About You

Another sure way to improve SEO-friendly reputation management tactics that facilitates a great user experience is to use a social listening tool to monitor what others are saying about your brand, its products and services, and your team members. Then you will want to do something about it. For example, imagine people are talking about one of your products in which the overall message is positive, yet there are consistent negative comments about a particular feature. You check Google Analytics and discover your webpage promoting this product has a high bounce rate in need of fixing; there is an opportunity here to improve SEO, UX and better manage your online reputation. By adding strategic content that addresses the the product feature people are complaining about with solution-based instructions while highlighting the benefits you will see the bounce rate improve because it offers readers valuable content addressing a common complaint. This will improve the bounce rate and session duration thus sending good vibes to Google, and give readers all the information they need for a better user experience.

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3. Improve SEO, UX and ORM with Helpful Content and Media

Don’t just tell people why your brand is the best in your industry; show them why you are cutting-edge. People consume information differently, and they retain information according to their learning style. While some prefer reading a blog, others would rather watch a short video. By providing examples of awesome features and instructional information on how to use products in written content, engaging videos, and interactive immersive experiences, you cater to multiple cross-sections of buyers who will sing your praise. And remember, when people spread the good word on Facebook or other social media platforms, those signals go back to your site to improve SEO, more people are exposed to positive content regarding your business, and the UX is solid for venturing outside the box in order to appeal to larger audiences.

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