3 Advanced SEO Marketing Strategies You Don’t Know About

Emma Gasko
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Today, one of the most important parts of marketing, especially digital marketing, is having good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website. No matter how great you are at SEO marketing, there’s always a chance you don’t know all of the tools you could be using to improve the ranking of your site. Read on to find out about some tricks you might not know about.

Site Structure Auditing

Most commonly, this is known as a systematic process that enables you to assess, examine, and determine what areas are underperforming in relation to your business. Essentially, this means that you’re checking out your site to see how it performs based on different categories. It is beneficial because it will give you information as to why you aren’t getting search traffic and, as a result, fewer sales. 

If you want to do this yourself, there are plenty of tools that  allow you to input your page URL, log in with Google, and analyze the results. That information gives you a starting point on fixing your site to improve performance.

End-User Value Data Research

When you get feedback from your end-users, you need to incorporate that into your site. This will help you create content that is relevant to your market. Social media platforms are great places to get data. 

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First, search for your primary keyword in the search box of the social media platform. Create a table with the estimated number of results per keyword. Extract relevant data and use it to brainstorm how the data can be used to create data that will capitalize on SEO capabilities to generate more traffic. This can mean you generate a better design, provide more detailed information, or create changes to the existing content through targeting it to the market.

Optimizing Landing Pages

SEO is all about optimization. This is true whether you are a B2B or B2C company. However, B2B companies don’t always note the importance of landing pages in search results. However, here’s a secret: by having improved landing pages, search traffic may improve, leading to improved sales and lead generation. Think about it — clicks lead users to the homepage, not the landing page. All pages are important and the same energy needs to be put into each of them. 

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The purpose of your landing page is to create engagement with the audience. You can do this by having a landing page with beautiful design and quality content. Without both, the landing page will not succeed. This is because of the impact of the design and content on uniqueness, giving viewers different experiences, which makes the site more valuable. It is also important that you build links into landing pages and it is critical in search engine ranking, especially that of Google. Without having links, you can’t expect your page to rank, regardless of its uniqueness.

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