2 Proven Ways to Rank and Convert Traffic for Niche Industries

Brian Miller
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The goal of any marketing strategy is to reach the right demographic of buyers with messaging that turns them into leads, then converts them into paying customers. But being able to fine-tune your marketing to target a unique, niche cohort of people requires getting granular.

Discovering Your Niche Market

Finding your niche market is easier said than done. If you aren’t planning on taking a digital marketing workshop to help you better understand your buyers and how to target them with measurable strategies, you have quite the uphill battle ahead. This is where comprehensive research and agile strategies dictate your path to hitting those high-revenue targets and growing your business.

This article is intended to help brands and their marketing department gain insight on how they can best market to niche buyers in a highly competitive landscape.

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1. Know How Niche Audiences Fit Into a Broad Buyer Group

Your products and services may, on the surface, appear to a wide range of people. And while this may very well be the case, there are narrow ranges of buyers within this hub, and these are the people who generally convert more than others. Don’t put your feet up when it comes to researching your target buyers. There are likely some niche audiences there, and these shouldn’t be overlooked due to laziness.

Segmentation is crucial to uncovering your niche markets. It isn’t ever enough to know their age, income or family status. Look for those granular attributes within your audience to get a true deeper understanding of your buyers.

Here is a perfect example from personal experience. My childhood best friend owns a surf shop in San Diego. He hired a consultant to help him with his customer targeting. One niche audience uncovered that he had previously been oblivious to was “hobbies and sports for disabled people”. After creating a marketing campaign for targeting people with physical disabilities, his conversion rate for this group exceeded his broad organic conversion rate. From there he was able to comb through the data to see what worked, apply this knowledge to his broad campaigns, and conversions improved next quarter by 26 percent.

When you write content using keywords spun into longtail forms that encompass niche buyer attributes, your rankings will improve, and so too will the conversion rate.

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2. Create Content that Solves Your Buyer’s Problems

We already covered how important it is to know your buyer audience, but it’s equally important to understand what their pain points are and how your products and services offer the best solutions. What does your business do to do this that your competitors fail to do? What makes your brand so special in regards to fulfilling your customer’s needs? Small niche marketing are hyper competitive. When ranking the right content to your niche buyers, put their needs first; write to them on a highly personal level addressing their pains, the causes, and how your products will gift a perfect solution.

A great way to rank content that converts for niche audiences is to create a blog cluster strategy where each article addresses a specific topic in context to a niche buyer’s need. Each blog will then link to a pillar page; a primary service or product page typically found in your website’s main navigation.

Learn More About Improving Your Marketing Strategy for Niche Audiences

If you found this content helpful, we encourage you to inquire about our digital marketing workshop. Here, we deep-dive into your business and uncover crucial information on your sales cycle, how buyers engage with your brand, and other factors that give insight into building the perfect business growth stack that will help you hit all your goals, through a clear and measurable process.
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