HubSpot and Sales Enablement: Two Peas in a Pod

Monica Vargas
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Sales and marketing teams historically have not worked well together. This is because businesses tend to treat these two entities as if they were separate from one another, giving them completely different benchmarks to gauge success.

That’s all changing, though. Many organizations are realizing that when they blend the two departments, it works out better for everyone. Marketing gets the information they need to produce better leads. Sales has an easier time closing those leads. And Business Owners get to watch their bottom line improve.

This is what we in the marketing and sales world refer to as “sales enablement”. Essentially, it means providing your sales team with the right tools and information to help them be more successful. To implement a successful sales enablement process, however, you’ll first need to adopt a centralized CRM to collect and store all your customer information. At WEBITMD, we are quite fond of HubSpot and this post will explain why.

Why HubSpot for Sales Enablement?

HubSpot offers many tools that help integrate your sales and marketing through a central CRM. This helps every department work more efficiently. These tools include:

  • ServiceHub allows your team to integrate customer service seamlessly within your organization
  • SalesHub is incredibly user-friendly so the learning curve is minimal
  • Superior CRM gives your team the tools to find and keep up with new leads, B2B communication, and returning customers

Each of these tools is simple enough for anyone to use “out of the box” but sophisticated enough that you can create more complexity as needed. Getting your sales team comfortable using these tools is going to be the first (and probably most challenging) step toward sales and marketing alignment.

Project Planning and Task Management

HubSpot makes it easy for sales and marketing teams to stay aligned and on track. Features such as project planning and task management allow everyone to see what is happening with new leads and prospects. 

One of the best ways your team can practice better sales enablement is to stop wasting time with unnecessary and repeat communications. This can happen often with simple e-mail chains or shared task lists. HubSpot tasks make project planning across team members more efficient. They also give each person a more clearly defined role so nothing slips through the cracks.

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Marketing Automation and Sales Sequences

Once you have all the kinks worked out in your process and buy-in from the different departments, you’ll probably consider ways to scale. This is where HubSpot automation becomes an essential part of your arsenal. 

HubSpot’s automation tools are among the best we’ve seen. They allow you to get as basic or as complex as you want. So think of all the repetitive tasks and actions that your team has to perform and look for ways to automate those tasks. Whether you just want to automate some simple follow up emails, set up a lead nurturing campaign, or schedule check-in reminders for prospects that require a more personal touch, HubSpot has got you covered. 

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Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a method of providing your sales team with information about which leads are the warmest and which ones need more nurturing. It works by assigning a “score” to each lead based on specific actions that lead has taken, such as viewing your pricing page, opening emails, downloading marketing assets, and more. All this information is kept in one easy to access location so that your sales reps have some context when that lead finally goes from lukewarm to hot!

Implementing Sales Enablement For Your Business

When your sales team runs efficiently, everything integrated with their department can also run efficiently. Sales Technology  allows for automation of key components, better customer relationship management (CRM) across the board, and organizational alignment that can ensure everyone on your team always has the tools they need to exceed their goals every time. 

The WEBITMD Growth Stack covers the entire marketing and sales funnel, from traffic generation all the way to sales enablement. Download our FREE guide to learn how we can help you align your sales and marketing departments today!
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