5 Examples of Sales Enablement Content That Improves Close Rates

Shelby Catalano
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Sales enablement is a powerful way to improve close rates and grow your business. Its sole function is providing information, content, tools, and tech to help salespeople do their jobs and close deals more effectively. In fact, one of sales enablement’s key goals — aligning marketing and sales — can help your company become 67% better at closing deals according to Brainshark

One of the most powerful sales enablement tools to have in your arsenal is an effective content strategy. When your content speaks to your audience’s core pain points and proposes a solution that fits their budget and vertical, your team will have the metaphorical high ground during sales conversations. 

Here are some types of sales enablement content that will help your team build trust faster and close more deals quicker:

1. Talk Tracks

Talk tracks are a much-needed reimagining of typical sales scripts. Instead of giving sales reps a rigid set of talking points to follow, talk tracks provide high-level bullet points that guide sales team members through common steps toward closing. The result is a more natural and personable conversation versus one that sounds…robotic.

Talk tracks are also an opportunity for sales, marketing, and service teams to collaborate. Each department can contribute possible objections, highlights, and helpful methods of turning leads into active sales opportunities. 

Approaching sales enablement as a tool to enhance both marketing and sales functions is the key to creating high-value, high-performing content.

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2. FAQ Pages

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are some of the most versatile and valuable sales enablement content you can create.

An FAQ page is a place on your website where you address common questions that arise during the late stages of the sales process. This can include questions about payment, licenses/insurance, technical support, etc. 

Whether you provide it as a separate page on your website or a one-page resource for sales team members to use, your FAQ page will become one of your most valuable sales assets by saving buyers and salespeople time on searching for answers.

3. Case Studies

“Do you have any case studies showing a success story similar to ours with your system/service?” 

Everyone in sales has heard this before. You’ve probably even asked it yourself when making a purchase. That’s because social proof is one of the most powerful ways to build rapport and appear trustworthy with your audience. 

A case study is a type of sales enablement content that tells customer success stories to demonstrate how your solution has helped similar people in similar situations. Case studies are usually vertical-specific and provide hard data about the results your company achieved. 

They’re also an effective form of social proof, as people are more trusting of customer testimonials than what a business says about itself. It’s the archetypal “walk the walk” deliverable you want to have in your arsenal — a key element of getting someone to choose your solution over someone else. 

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4. Product Sell Sheets

A short, digestible summary of everything your service offers is more likely to close a deal than something lengthy and cumbersome. For example, this can be a one-pager that highlights your differentiators, outlines a typical scope of work, or recaps important product features. 

Think expansively here. Regardless of whether you’re selling a product or service, consider mentioning:

  • Long-term positive impacts of using your solution
  • Proprietary methods or trademarked formulas
  • Success rate
  • Customer testimonials
  • How long you’ve been in business

The great thing about product sell sheets is they can be customized to address your unique sales process. Want to add value to your post-demo follow-ups? Send a one-sheeter summarizing the key takeaways. Have a complicated onboarding process? Create a roadmap that breaks down how you help customers get from point A to point B.

5. Explainer Videos

With the rising popularity of video-based content, it’s only natural to incorporate the medium into your sales process

Video is an easy way to help people absorb information when they are multitasking. Simple tutorial videos from a B2B SaaS company, for example, can quickly and easily illustrate how a product will save people in their organization time.

A sales enablement specialist can examine your funnel to determine where video might add value to your touchpoints with potential customers.

Sales Enablement as a Service

Sales enablement makes the biggest impact when you have the bandwidth to look deeply into your customer journey and identify where and how you can add genuine value. In doing so, sales enablement can unlock true alignment between your marketing and sales teams — no more siloed communication or information.

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