Creating a Sales Enablement Strategy for Your Business

Emma Gasko
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The modern consumer is digitally connected and conducts a lot of independent research across the buying journey before talking to a salesperson, as noted by a leading Inbound Marketing Agency. With this in mind, it’s critical that your organization embraces the latest sales enablement tools to build strong relationships with prospects and customers based on value.

To meet this objective, the sales team needs to be empowered. Thankfully, a sales enablement strategy will help you do just that, and more. But what is sales enablement? It’s the act of providing your sales team the information, training, content, tools, and support that will allow them to better connect with prospects and sell more efficiently and effectively. Let’s take a look at five essential tips for creating a successful sales enablement strategy.

1. Identify the Challenges Your Sales Enablement Strategy Faces

There is no single sales enablement strategy that works for every business. Your business is unique, and you need to take some time to think about your current sales process, how it’s performing, and whether it aligns with your goals for the future. To identify the challenges your sales team encounters, ask the following questions.

  • Is there anything creating friction in the current sales process?
  • How’s your target buyer’s journey evolving?
  • What knowledge do your prospects already have before they approach your sales team?
  • Does your sales team have the skills and resources necessary for conducting strategic business conversations with the right people?

The answers to these questions will give you valuable insights that will help you know where to focus your attention.

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2. Provide Training and Support That’s Immediately Applicable

Sales enablement is an ongoing process of improvement. Continuous but well-planned training can improve your sales team productivity in the short and long term. Training should be rolled out in phases to avoid overwhelming the team with too much information. Preferably, begin with the fundamentals, then improve their selling skills gradually. Starting small will help them see the immediate value of the training and increase their interest in it.

3. Gather Sales Tools That Can Streamline Your Workflow

To save time and boost efficiency, look for tools that reduce long and tedious steps in your workflow. The tools should be simple to use and easy to integrate. A tool like HubSpot can help you organize and track your opportunities, leads, and contacts, and manage all essential sales details. There are automation tools that can minimize the amount of non-selling tasks that the sales team has to do, communication platforms to promote collaboration,  and intelligent apps that can provide sellers with valuable information that can increase conversion. 

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4. Align the Entire Organization With a Sales Focus

When sales and marketing departments work together, the businesses become better at closing deals. This underlines the importance of different teams collaborating and working together towards the same goal of increasing sales. For instance, the sales team may relay customer feedback to a product development team about redesigning certain elements of a product. Such a move can lead to better design and make the item more sellable.

5. Develop a Plan for Analysis

You can’t tell the strength or weaknesses of your strategy if you aren’t testing it. To make improvements, assess different aspects of your strategies. Look at which sales channels and team members are performing impressively, and what is contributing to their success, and how you can replicate that success elsewhere. Analyzing the performance of every action you take will inform you of what works and what changes need to be made, and where.

Tying It All Together

Since buyers are constantly evolving, your sales enablement strategy should be continuously improved. To ensure your strategy aligns with the latest techniques in the sales industry, it’s best you partner with experienced sales professionals. WEBITMD is an Inbound Marketing Agency that uses innovative techniques to help companies identify, develop, measure, and optimize their sales processes.

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