Remarketing Ads: Highly Converting Cheap Clicks

Mattan Danino
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Remarketing tends to be one tactic that many business owners and advertising specialists shy away from. Hopefully, some facts shared by our friends over at Search Engine Watch are going to change your mind about this powerful PPC tool.

What Exactly Is Remarketing?

Practically everyone experiences remarketing on a daily basis, but not many people are sure of exactly what is taking place. After a visitor expresses interest in a certain product or service by clicking a link or making a search, advanced algorithms will then be used to track that individual through the Web and display retargeting ads. This process is essentially a hybrid form of pay-per-click advertising. Businesses are paying for clicks, but the potential customer has already expressed interest in the product or service.

10 Facts That Will Make You Rethink Remarketing

Larry Kim of WordStream has compiled a list of eye-opening remarketing facts and shared them with the world. Here is a closer look at how these 10 facts could change your PPC campaign forever.

1. Conversion Rates Increase With More Views

Just as with all other advertisements, remarketing ads will eventually have a dip in their click-through rates. What makes remarketing ads so unique is the fact that the clicks you do get will begin to show much higher conversion rates. The more that the user sees your brand, the more willing they are to do business with you.

2. Ad Fatigue Is Less Likely With Remarketing Ads

One of the biggest fears that many people have about remarketing is a phenomenon known as ad fatigue. Some people believe that potential customers will not only grow tired of seeing the same ads, but they will actually grow hostile and see the company in a negative light. While this might sound logical in theory, the numbers show it is simply not true. Remarketing ads generally hold a user’s interest for twice as long as traditional display ads.

3. Google Display Network and Facebook Give You the Greatest Reach

No one should be surprised at just how many people these two services reach. According to Facebook’s own numbers, almost one billion users are logging into this social network daily. Combine that with Google Display Network’s trillion monthly impressions and you have a marketing platform unlike anything else in the world.

4. Remarketing Builds Brand Awareness

Brand building is an absolutely vital part of establishing your online presence, but this process can be difficult with smaller text ads. Organic SEO will always be an important part of digital marketing, but the average individual is not going to learn much about your company from a dozen words. Display remarketing will allow you to build your brand awareness in a steady and consistent manner as more people are exposed to the ads you want them to see.

5. This Tactic Does Away With the Traditional Marketing Funnel

Older digital marketing models had a step-by-step process that all users had to follow in order for a conversion to be made. Unfortunately, this meant that many users fell through the cracks if any step in the process did not appeal to them. By remarketing, you will keep those users in a loop so they can find their way back to your landing pages at any time.

6. A Higher CTR Rate Lowers Your CPC

Both Google Display Network and Facebook place a quality rating on every link. In the past, unattractive ads were developed specifically to get free impressions without paying the cost-per-click. Unfortunately, this decreased the ad’s Quality Score as well as reduced its click-through rates. Attractive remarketing ads with a high click-through rate will actually lower your CPC over time.

7. Display Ads Are Catching Up to Search Ads

For many years, ads displayed immediately following a search were one of the few ways to identify potential customers. Once again, remarketing ads have turned this old model on its head. In many industries, remarketing ads have actually overtaken search ads in conversion rates. Instead of paying big for that quick click which may never lead to a conversion, you will be playing the long game.

8. The Clicks Are Cheap

If you are in a competitive industry, then you have no doubt seen just how expensive search ads can be. Replace those initial search ads with remarketing ads, however, and you might only have to pay a fraction of the cost. The key to determining which of these options will have a higher ROI comes down to the keywords you want to focus on. This is what makes the research and planning stages so important to your PPC campaign’s success.

9. RLSA Is a Powerful Tool

Remarketing lists for search ads will give you an incredible amount of information on your targeted demographics. In addition to the keywords that are being searched, these lists will also grab information such as the time the query was made, the device being used, and the user’s search history. In some cases, RLSA campaigns will have double the conversion rates due to this wealth of information.

10. Pick and Choose the Exact Visitors You Want to Remarket

Much like RLSA campaigns, you can also draw in vital information from social media sites. Instead of making your marketing decisions based on the user’s search information, you will open up a treasure trove of data through their social media habits. You can narrow your remarketing ads down to the user’s age, job title, purchase history, check-ins, and almost anything else imaginable.

As the numbers continue to show, remarketing ads can be an incredibly useful component of any PPC campaign.

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