Red Flags to Be Aware of When Choosing a PPC Agency

Janet Lee
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Determining the best Pay-Per-Click (PPC) agency to work with is often challenging, especially if you’re not familiar with PPC strategies or if you haven’t received personal recommendations. Rather than signing with a company and hoping for the best, keep an eye out for red flags when trying to gauge their legitimacy.

The following are a few serious warning signs to watch out for when choosing a PPC agency:

Lofty Performance Promises

With PPC, past performance is not an indicator of future performance, as there are simply too many variables at work. What you should hear from your prospective agency is something like, “If we make [x and y] changes, we can usually expect these results.” On the other hand, be aware of insane promises such as, “We will decrease your cost per acquisition by [this much].” If the company promises too much too soon, keep shopping.

No Inquires About Your Business

A reputable PPC agency will determine the right strategy for your business by looking at your actual business, not just industry best practices. What you don’t want to hear are recommendations of what you should do regarding call extensions, geographic testing, goal conversion action, etc. What you do want to hear is which custom combination will yield the highest profitability.

Shadow-Guy-ShruggingNothing Usable

Even if you’ve dealt with less-than-spectacular PPC companies in the past, there’s reason that an account cannot be utilized for future success. This is true even if all campaign settings are in “off” mode, as there should still be a wealth of keywords to pull from moving forward. Your landing page may put your PPC agency off, however your ad copy should still provide clear insight into your key offerings. Should the agency be unable to find a single thing that’s right or correct, you definitely do not need to work with it.

Specific Strategies Are Kept Secret

Yes, a potential PPC agency probably isn’t going to share every single thing it would do with your account when discussing the sales process. But no, the company shouldn’t be reluctant to share basic strategy. While it’s difficult in the beginning stages to determine every strategy required for future success, the agency still needs to give you at least an idea of how it will help your company’s performance. If the agency skirts the issue or just won’t discuss it at all, start asking questions. Or get up and leave.

Should any of the above red flags crop up during the sales interview process, you could easily be looking at a variety of future problems. These warning signs may not be enough to sway you from working with the agency, but they are definitely worth keeping an eye on. Asking the right questions is therefore key to determining if an agency is the right choice, so know what you want to ask before you begin the interview. The better informed you are, the more questions you’ll be able to ask. You’ll also be saving yourself from a whole lot of hassles down the proverbial PPC agency road. Good luck!

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