Are Your PPC and SEO Campaigns Working Together?

Jason Patel
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All too often, advertisers think of pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) as two separate entities fighting for a portion of their ad budget. And while it’s true that advertising resources are finite, your PPC and SEO campaigns should be working together, not against each other. Think of them more like professional wrestlers tagging each other in to join the fight, rather than two boxers fighting over a prize. 

The crew here at WEBITMD gets it, and we’re ready to help! We’d never encourage our clients to “publish and pray.” Here, we’ll demonstrate how these two forms of internet advertising — PPC and SEO — can do their best work together.

So let’s talk about ways to use your PPC results to dial-in your SEO.

Use Your PPC Results to Further SEO Efforts — Answering Questions with Content

Review PPC First, and Often

PPC campaigns should be reviewed several times a year in any case, and for many advertisers, much more often. Keep in mind that events can dictate this need.

For instance, stay-at-home orders associated with the COVID-19 pandemic changed both the amount of traffic on the internet and the types of searches performed. We realize that’s a unique example, but consider everything else that affects your end-users search behaviors in the ordinary course of things, like:

  • Election years
  • Weather
  • Local news stories 
  • Holiday shopping

Recognize that modern consumers are incredibly tech-savvy, and they have access to handheld devices at every point of the day. So PPC campaigns should be watched closely. The point is to seek patterns in searcher intent, which will help illustrate your customer’s needs and pain points. From there, we can see what sort of content will bring you the best return in SEO.

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Using Content for SEO — Answer Questions and Address Pain Points

Whether your organization is B2B or B2C, your goal is to find the questions asked the most extensive and most targeted audiences first. Consider implementing these common search concepts if they reflect your brand:

  • Cheapest or most affordable
  • The perfect gift for 
  • Free shipping
  • Near me

Sometimes we can also use PPC results to see a gap left open by a competitor. Now, we would never want to appear too opportunistic or even “spammy” by pushing unwanted information. Still, if a competitor’s product is causing problems for your potential customers, it makes sense to jump in with a genuine solution. For instance:

  • If your competitor closes a local branch or location, regular customers might be left disappointed. 
  • If their product has an actual deficiency, like a safety recall, that your product doesn’t have.

Ultimately, every business we work with is unique. By keeping an ear to the ground for situations like these, we stay poised to take a piece of that market share using both immediate PPC campaigns and long-lasting SEO tactics for organic results. 

Our Approach

From building brand awareness to content-rich education, to technology-assisted sales, our Growth Stack combines the internet marketing strategies & tactics that drive measurable growth. Our goal is to allow clients to focus on running the business, while we focus on growing it. Want to know more? Let’s talk! 
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