Managing Paid Media During COVID-19

Monica Vargas
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We are in a stressful climate right now, between personal health and governmental oversight it can be easy to feel as if things are out of control. However, if leveraged strategically, this time of working remotely can yield incredible success and results especially when it comes to managing your paid media. Below we will examine methods you can use to successfully navigate your media campaigns during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Changing Devices

Now that a majority of the world is left staying indoors as much as they can, they are more than likely glued to their mobile devices. This having been said, now would be a better time than ever to make sure your web presence is up to snuff on all devices. Engage in a portfolio-wide audit of your existing campaigns and make sure they are fully optimized for people to browse on any device, which quite frankly, you should be doing anyway. You should also strategize with how easy it is to consume your content and engage with it, cause not only do people have their devices handy at all times right now, but they also have an exorbitant amount of free time, so make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity to keep their ever-shifting attention span locked in on what your brand is putting out there.

Check Your Tone

During times of crisis such as this, you need to make sure that your content is tasteful and inoffensive, even if you consider your brand quote-unquote edgy, now is not the time as people’s stress levels are unusually high. Avoid images in your paid media that may trigger people such as facial contact or medical masks, if you are not a brand that features social imagery you should be alright on this front, however, don’t forget the power of spoken and written word. If you do not want to engage in the discourse around COVID-19 you can avoid any discussion of it around your product or service descriptions in both text and audio visual mediums. 

Explore New Markets

As mentioned above, free time is commonplace during this crisis, so take advantage of the chance to use your paid media to penetrate new markets. People are spending a lot of this time staying in touch with their loved ones, be it, friends or family, and that can easily include your brand’s content. You can even remove quite a bit of the guesswork by letting the data collection tools take over. Facebook has an entire suite of tools for page managers, you can toggle how large you want your market speculation to be, as they will put you in touch with users who you will most likely convert for you ahead of time, saving you time and research efforts.

Another advantage you have now is that with millions of more people using youtube to get videos for either information or entertainment has drastically lowered the cost per view of any given campaign, so take kill two birds with one stone and save money while converting new customers.

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