From Google AdWords Campaign Management Experts: #1 Reason Paid Ads Fail

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Nobody of sound mind would set a goal to pour money into paid ad campaigns destined to fail. Yet this is exactly what businesses are doing when they run campaigns without any set strategy in place that promotes audience engagement. When audiences don’t recognize or trust the companies running the ads, there aren’t going to be any clicks. And when zero recognition dictates low CTRs, CPC (cost per click) will be high, and continue to go up.

Here is a typical cycle: your goal to to sell products by driving traffic to a landing page or a website’s multiple pages, and get converted buyers from it. Tat said, you invest in Facebook ads, along with paid adverts for Instagram and LinkedIn. You are also making use of Google Display Network and AdWords. Each one of these sources is attempting to send traffic to your targeted pages that garner sales.

Your CPC is high; it started high because it’s a new campaign and therefore none of the platforms you are using recognize your brand or campaign. That said, a high CPC will be second-nature until digital marketing agencies offering Google AdWords campaign management can prove high engagement as opposed to the pre-existing low engagement signals that exist to slap you in the face with a big catch-22. How do you get out?

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Know the Why

When you start with low engagement rates, and people fail to click on your display and AdWords ads, the cost to show people these adverts goes up, and as a result it becomes more challenging to be profitable while ads get shown to fewer buyer audience members. Your ability to expose yourself to your audience is narrowed, and the cost to show an ad to the next person goes up. This happens when the target audience has no clue as to who you are, and if people don’t know who you are they don’t trust or like you and won’t click your ads.

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How Google AdWords Campaign Management Experts Resolve This

Simply put, you need to get to know your buyer audiences before you pump money into your advertising efforts, and provide ways for them to get to know you. Here are some of the ways that growth-driven digital marketing agencies specializing in Google AdWords management services achieve this:

  • Create a growth-driven approach to driving traffic using organic search strategies
  • Use SEO as a way to make buyer audiences familiar with your company, its products and services.
  • Run a blog cluster strategy
  • Engage in press releases through publications your buyers read
  • Align PPC keywords and SEO keywords to drive traffic
  • Use Google’s retargeting and remarketing platforms to get people familiar with you
  • Use email addresses to reach custom audiences with Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Target people who already follow your owned accounts

Do What Winning Organizations Do, Add SEO to your Paid Media Services

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