How Hotel Marketing Agencies Use the Latest Strategies & Technologies to Put Butts in Beds

Jen Saunders
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If you are a CMO or CIO for a luxury hotel or resort property, you know you are trying to sell much more than a “hotel room” but instead offering a lifestyle experience for special guests. In order to do this, you must differentiate yourself from the competition.

Whether you represent an independent luxury boutique hotel, or an international chain of elegant, high-end resorts, being able to deliver a compelling virtual experience through digital marketing strategies and the latest tech tools will allow you to make intimate connections with potential guests and put more butts in your beds. When working with a top hotel marketing agency that offers custom growth stacks, you are in the best possible situation to improve your ADR, RevPar and rooms yield while improving your brand identity as the ultimate in luxury hospitality.

This article is intended to help luxury hotels see value in working with hospitality marketing agencies while lending insight into how these niche marketing teams are using cutting-edge strategies and technology to help properties hit all their growth goals. And it all takes place within a growth marketing stack.

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What is a Hospitality Growth Marketing Stack?

A hospitality growth marketing stack is engineered by a team of marketers with an in-depth understanding of the hotel industry. With an underlying foundation of understanding how your guests engage your brand and related content, a set of specific strategies and tools are put together to execute alignment towards achieving the same goals. From generating traffic to conversion optimization, hotel marketing growth stacks combine the latest strategies and tools to help premiere hospitality brands dominate their space.

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The Best Hotel Marketing Agencies Use Unique Strategies to Generate Traffic and Increase RevPar

Most hotel marketing agencies will provide their clients with your standard SEO and PPC strategies. However, the two don’t talk to each other, and other opportunities for driving traffic are ignored. Hotel marketing stacks provide a total facelift on traditional organic and paid media strategies. They also draw in resources to enhance traffic generation.

Rather than run a single strategy, savvy hospitality marketers segment your guest list and leads based on buyer persona and customer journey stages, and use highly-strategic, precise messaging designed to create an emotional experience with each group touching on their primary pain points. But in order to generate traffic likely to convert, marketers need the data behind your website visitors and contacts. This is where the technology piece is huge, and we will address it shortly.

In order to increase traffic to your hotel’s website and hike up your RevPar, a growth stack is extremely valuable because it uses unique sets of strategies designed to target segmented groups. This means a set of micro-strategies are aligned with organic and paid blueprints to reach various groups with the same objective. A growth stack is highly advantageous, especially when used against competing hotel properties that still invest in the same, subpar common marketing initiatives.

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Growth Stacks Mine Data that Turns Into Booked Rooms

As we mentioned, a thorough traffic generation strategy using a hybrid organic and paid platform requires specific data on your guests. Google Analytics alone can’t deliver; it simply lets you know what your most popular web pages are, average time spent on site, conversion rate, and a number of other points that, while important, aren’t telling into WHO is on your site and WHERE they came from.

There are a number of CRMs with advanced data insights and marketing automation features that help mine valuable insights into who your ideal guests are, what their true pain points are when selecting upscale hotel rooms and resorts, and how to meet their needs as the best solution. Unfortunately, most CMOs for hotel brands resort to multiple platforms. Some will have one tool for sales enablement, a separate CRM, another provider for a CMS, and even more tools for email marketing and analytics. Studies prove that when a technology stack is too big, the buying cycle is inconsistent and disjointed.  Furthermore, gaps form where data slips through because the platforms are not synchronized usually because they can’t be.

A true master in the world of hotel marketing will scale and streamline a technology stack to make it more cost-effective, easy to use, and efficient with a consistent and measurable path to increasing RevPar. For example, HubSpot is a top-performing CRM and a favorite in the world of hospitality marketing for its ability to integrate with a brand’s current tool sets. It is also a go-too solution for hotels because its analytics, email marketing, data mining capabilities and optimization tools are all included thus allowing hotel resorts the ability to trim the fat from their marketing budget.

Back to mining data. Advanced CRMs like HubSpot allow marketers to see buyer journeys. In other words, they can see where the web visitor came from, what pages they visited in order of their journey, and where they bounced out or converted into a booking. They can also gain insights like their name, their job role, and the company they work for. Knowing this type of information helps craft the right content and messaging to resonate with potential guests. Furthermore, a cohesive CRM can then segment these people, create individual workflows to each, and execute an intimate marketing strategy with a high conversion rate tall from the same platform and perform technology-driven strategies that traditional digital marketers simply can’t perform.

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