Your Digital Marketing Strategy Needs Better Buyer Personas

Brian Miller
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For a fact, running a successful business with a great digital marketing strategy isn’t a walk in the park. Your buyer personas will form the foundation of all your marketing activities. But still, many businesses don’t have enough insight into who their buyers really are.

If you’ve been looking to get insight into who your buyers really are as well as create buyer personas that would boost and skyrocket your business above the shelves, you’re in the right place.

Let’s dive in:

How Do Buyer Personas Impact Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

In a nutshell, buyer personas are semi-fictional representations of any business’s ideal customers based on research and data. Buyer personas help businesses to focus their time on developing their goods and services to suit the needs of their target customers and aligning all the business’s work (marketing, sales and services) to boost the brand’s identity as well as increase revenue.

Additionally, buyer personas are important to the success of brands because they help entrepreneurs make informed decisions in their digital marketing strategies by taking user needs and bringing them to the forefront. Buyer personas also help marketing teams with a shared understanding of their customers.

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How To Create an Effective Buyer Persona

Assuming who your target customers and buyers are for a business is like killing your brand without knowing.

As such, creating useful buyer personas for your target audience and clients is an excellent option to boost your business sales, content conversions and shares as well as building your business identity.

buyer personas

With that said, here are the 4 ultimate steps to creating useful buyer personas:

  • Inspect your customer database and uncover trends about how individual leads or clients find and consume your digital marketing (content).
  • Anytime you’re creating forms to use on your business website, use business form fields to help capture vital buyer information.
  • Use your sales team’s feedback on leads they’re interacting with most. This will help you identify different classes of customers you serve best.
  • Interview regular customers to help discover what they like most about your goods and services as well as hear their opinions on changes they consider essential to quickly boost sales, increase customers and more, for your business.

If you employ the above methods on your buyer personas, customers will quickly identify with your business as more caring to their welfare than most brands which focus on sales; thus, many will opt to buy from you as well as refer others.

Knowing Your Customers = Marketing and Sales Success

Improving your buyer personas can set you and your company up for success. However, buyer personas are just the first step of a successful digital marketing and sales strategy. And if your buyer personas could use an update, you will probably want to take another look at your entire marketing plan altogether.

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