Why the WEBITMD Growth Stack Succeeds where Most Digital Marketing Agencies Fail

Jason Patel
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Whether you are talking to a large agency with several hundred employees, a mid-size boutique agency, or even a self-proclaimed marketing ninja living in his mother’s basement, you are going to hear them say the same thing: we do things the right way. In reality, very few, regardless of size, offer services that help grow their client’s business.

According to Small Business Trends, 82 percent of digital marketing clients leave their agency in less than a year’s time. There are several reasons why a client would sever ties with their marketer. Many marketing clients expressed their agency was indifferent to their brand, while others simply didn’t see value for their dollar.

It doesn’t matter if a client walks from their agency because they felt their account rep was rude, or the communication wasn’t as consistent as they would like, there is really only one main reason why digital marketing agencies struggle with retention: they are not offering value.

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Where Should Value be Measured with Your Digital Marketing Agency?

While every business is different with their own set of objectives, each shares one common goal: to make money. Nobody of sound mind is going to write off 2017 as a successful year because their web traffic doubled.Brands want to attract more paying customers. This means their web traffic needs to consist of people who make a purchase as opposed to a bunch of looky loos.

While many marketing agencies pop champagne over the phone during client reporting meetings while trying to sell traffic increases as perceived value, the WEBITMD Growth Stack actually shows clients completely clear data: how much was generated in sales, who those leads were, and the journey they made to get to the purchase page. When a client investing in digital marketing can see exactly where their dollars go, greater value is perceived and confidence is instilled. Without the right set of tools it is impossible to know what segments of traffic converted into paying customers, and this is one reason why the WEBITMD Growth Stack is challenging other agencies to step up their offerings.

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WEBITMD Growth Stack is the Solution to Client ROI Pains

One of the biggest pains expressed by clients of traditional marketing is there is no way to measure exact ROI and which channels garnered the most revenue. You want to know which avenues pay off with a healthy ROI. You also want to know what the resulted profit is in each invested strain of your marketing strategy. Measuring ROI for inbound marketing gives a clear detailed report removing any opaqueness.

Inbound marketing also allows you to examine ROI and increase greater opportunities when your marketing team implements closed-loop marketing. Closed-loop reporting guarantees that every step in the inbound marketing process is documented in detailed and shared between departments thus closing the loop between marketing, advertising and sales so that each department is leveraged off one another.

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WEBITMD Growth Stack Calls for High-Converting Content, Nothing Less

Content marketing is big, but one reason why so many digital marketing agencies drop the ball is that they view their blogs and articles as just that: “content marketing”.

Most agencies have a system where they perform keyword research, write blogs designed to rank for these keywords, and do it all within a context to appeal to potential buyers.

The WEBITMD Growth Stack flips traditional blogging around and starts with the potential buyers by understanding their identities and how the client’s products and services provide solutions for their needs. Buyer personas (fictional representations of real buyers) are researched and created to serve as a guide for directing content. By creating articles, blogs and landing pages with content that reflects precise audiences at exact stages in the buyer’s journey, intimate humanized connections are made when readers receive personalized messaging with value that traditional content marketing fails to garner.

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WEBITMD Growth Stack Doesn’t Stop at Driving Traffic & Leads

Sales Enablement–if you can find a digital marketing agency that offers this service in their contracts, we will run down the street naked on our hands barking at passing traffic. This is a service typically offered by powerhouse consulting agencies. The WEBITMD Growth Stack falls back on closed-loop marketing tactics while implementing the right technology solutions with a sales strategy turning missed deal opportunities into revenue. Using carefully engineered automated workflows that join CRM, sales templates and deal stages we empower sales teams significantly increase revenue through a measurable process that delivers a massive impact.

Are You Ready to Double Last Year’s Sales?

The WEBITMD Growth Stack offers something special and unique to clients in our space; a customized set of tools and strategies designed to help organizations grow through a measurable and agile process. This is not a rinse and repeat operation; data is continuously collected to make ongoing adjustments in uniting buyers with content that converts.

We invite you to DOWNLOAD OUR FREE GUIDE BELOW that walks you through every step of the WEBITMD Growth Stack. Discover how more than 15 years of careful research and strategic planning can take your business to the next level. If you like what you see, feel free to set up a free consultation with one of our experts. After all, the WEBITMD Growth Stack is only a completed strategy once your business goals are aligned within in.

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