Why Inbound Marketing is the Talk of Our Industry

Emma Gasko

It seems that digital marketing has gone through as many changes as did David Bowie. From old school SEO keyword stuffing tactics, to search algorithms advancing to accommodate mobile technology and consumer behavioral changes, digital marketing agencies are having to get smarter in how they reach people and communicate in ways that nurture leads and convert web visitors into buyers. This is why inbound marketing agencies are sought after and why this methodology is the talk of our town; the process uses marketing automation to reach the right buyers, at the right time, with the right content while moving them through a conversion funnel. Every touch point is customized, and the methodology takes your current strategy and amplifies its effectiveness to actually create revenue and growth.

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Inbound can Trace Revenue Generation

Most clients view search engine optimization as an expense rather than an investment because there is no way to trace direct revenue from organic channels, as you can from paid search. One reason why inbound is the talk of our industry is because it allows marketers and clients to see exactly where revenue was generated from. Revenue from conversions can come from your landing pages, email campaigns, and blog posts with a CTA. In addition, marketing automation platforms like HubSpot allow marketers and business owners to see where all the touch points were in the campaign; where visitors came from, what content they read, which forms they filled out, and where they were when they actually made a purchase. This is valuable data that SEO on its own simply can’t provide.

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Inbound Helps You Better Understand Your Market

You may think you know your market inside and out, but until you have studied how your buyers relate to it, you soon learn that you don’t know nearly as much as you thought. You are not a historian; your business is not in “knowing your industry” but rather in knowing how your buyers relate to it and what motivates them to generate revenue by choosing your products and services to meet their needs. Through buyer persona strategies, topic-driven content with various contexts, and other facets of the inbound marketing methodology, you will be able to understand your market from the standpoint that matters the most–how your customers view and interact with it.

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Expand Your Consumer Audience

Buyer persona development is a key point to inbound marketing. This is where you comb through data, interview your sales team, send out surveys to customers, and learn as much as you can about the people who buy your products. By learning about your persona’s employment and job responsibilities, family status, personality type, and a number of other points you can discover new audiences to connect with. For example, if you are a luxury resort in the Caribbean focusing on high-earning executives with families, you may discover that retired people and members of the middle to upper class tech diving community are also ideal candidates to market to.


Stay Organized

Inbound marketing automation platforms also keep you organized. All leads, lead types, touch points, performed actions, and  communication histories (among other things) are stored and easy to access. You can also the CRM technology to reach every lead at various stages in the buyer’s journey with the right content designed to improve your relationship and company’s image, then organize the information under lead types, campaigns, or customers. When you are better organized you make fewer mistakes, and one of the most costly mistakes made by businesses is when good leads are lost left to slip through the cracks.

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