Why the WEBITMD Growth Stack Is Better than Your SEO

Jen Saunders
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In 2017, data revealed 96% of Americans shop online. The eCommerce ninjas over at BigCommerce published a report that looks at specific buyer groups. They found that 67% of millennials who shop online spend about six hours a week doing research before making a purchase. They also found that 72% of seniors shop in stores but spend 2.5 hours a week researching products before going in-store to make a purchase. All in all, every demographic spends a significant amount of time performing online research before making a purchasing decision. For retailers, this means you need to be found online with content that connects with buyers and motivates them to make a purchase.

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Traditional SEO is Old-Timey Macarena

If you are going out to a club this weekend, you probably won’t dance the Macarena even if someone paid you to. Although it would fulfill the point of dancing, it is outdated and embarrassing. SEO as a stand-alone service is the Macarena of digital marketing; it may rank content, but it will convert very few people because it is not designed to entice today’s buyers. Yet people are paid to do it, and they do with lackluster results.

Business owners lack the digital marketing knowledge to know that organically ranking for broad, general keywords in no way predicts conversions. You can rank on page one of Google to the moon, but ranking with general content that isn’t directed to specific buyer audiences will garner dismal sales.

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WEBITMD Growth Stack is Your Business Life Support

You are not in business to stabilize; you want to grow. That’s a given. SEO as a stand-alone service will not grow your business, but when used in the WEBITMD Growth Stack, it is a vital part of your strategy.

The first building block in the WEBITMD Growth Stack is to drive traffic, but not just any traffic through ranking keywords. We drive target audiences predicted to make a purchase. This is accomplished by creating buyer personas, understanding your industry inside and out, and gaining deep knowledge of your brand and its products. Once we know exactly what makes your buyers tick, and how your products will resonate as the best solution their needs, we use a number of channels to drive this traffic that include:

  • Organic SEO – Ranking content using semantic strategies
  • Multi Channel Paid Media
  • Social Media
  • Editorial Outreach
  • Strategic Content Marketing

SEO as executed within the WEBITMD Growth Stack is a catalyst for high-conversion content. On its own it is worthless, as is the content without a strategic SEO initiative. Together, these operatives will take your stagnant digital existence and give it life by ranking it for search queries made by the people who will actually spend their money with you.

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WEBITMD Growth Stack, SEO and Inbound

The inbound marketing methodology is key in growing our client’s business, and it is something reliant on both SEO, paid search and social media to perpetuate. When driving traffic through organic search strategies, we rank content according to how people consume information and make purchasing decisions. This content is part of a workflow that runs through a marketing automation solution to nurture prospects with the appropriate messaging.

SEO alone can’t do this; contextual and topical content that is part of a unique, high-level strategy pointed at target buyer groups must rank for precise queries and lead readers through a buyer’s journey. This is where they become aware of their problem or opportunity, enter the consideration stage where they understand their problem, and move into the decision stage where they know their solution strategy and seek the best product to ease their buying pain.

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Give Your SEO a Boot for the WEBITMD Growth Stack

It’s time to stop ranking for keywords, for the hell of it. Sales don’t grow on SEO trees; they result from a carefully engineered marketing strategy that uses SEO alongside a number of other tools and practices. Download our FREE guide on the WEBITMD Growth Stack below; learn how it can empower your business to dominate your industry, and help you meet your growth goals for 2018!

Download The WEBITMD Growth Stack.

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