How to Use Storytelling to Enhance Branding in Content Marketing

Janet Lee
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From the time we were children, there’s nothing we loved more than a great story. Whether having it told to us or reading our favorite book, a story made us feel good. While some people may believe this feeling stops after childhood, the truth is it may actually strengthen as we grow older. Because of this, the top digital marketing agencies are focused on storytelling in their content marketing services, and more businesses are starting to realize the power storytelling has in enhancing their brand as part of their overall marketing plan. If your business is seeking a new approach to content marketing and is considering storytelling as an option, here are some of the best ways to use it to your advantage.

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Appeal to Emotions

Whether it’s a best-selling novel or a story related to a business, appealing to the emotions of readers will play a large part in your success. As digital marketing agencies and SEO agencies know, crafting your brand’s story involves defining your voice, what you stand for in your day-to-day operations, and why all this matters to the lives of your audience. Using a narrative sales approach that is creative yet subtle and indirect will help readers aspects of themselves in your branding and inspire them to form a business relationship with your company.

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Know Your Stories

In many instances, business owners fail to realize they have an abundance of stories from which to choose. Whether it’s talking about how you have fulfilled needs, responded to questions, or developed solutions to problems, all of these situations have virtually unlimited possibilities for creative storytelling that will captivate customers. Whatever you decide to use as a story, it’s imperative you write stories that people can relate to on many levels. For example, by telling stories about customer problems and the solutions you provided, readers who have had similar problems will be more willing to give you a try.

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The Three Acts

Just like a story that has timeless appeal, stories designed for content marketing must have three acts. First is setting up the situation, where you peak the reader’s interest and make them want to learn more. Next is the telling of the conflict, explaining the problem in a way the reader can relate to and begin to have an emotional investment in the outcome. Finally, offering a resolution to the conflict makes the reader feel good about the ending, while also getting them to think about how much they need your products or services. However, while typical stories have three acts, stories done to enhance branding and marketing require a fourth act, the call to action. Sometimes direct, other times indirect, its goal is to inspire the reader to contact your business as soon as possible. SEO agencies, realizing the power of a good call to action, work along with digital marketing agencies to create stories that don’t stop once the customer finishes reading. Instead, they do the opposite by making the customer all too eager to optimize their performance in a way that has them more anxious than ever to pursue further activity.

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Using the Various Mediums

When people think of storytelling, their thoughts turn to reading it in a book, newspaper, or magazine. However, with today’s technology, storytelling has taken on a whole new meaning. Along with having a story in print, today’s digital marketing agencies and SEO agencies have harnessed the power of the internet in order to reach thousands or even millions of potential customers. Whether it’s a blog, a video shown on social media, or a commercial on television, stories can be tailored to fit virtually any communication medium. However, it’s important to keep your audience in mind when deciding which medium to use. For example, if your audience is teenagers or millennials, taking full advantage of social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter can not only reach your audience, but also demonstrate your ability to keep up-to-date on the latest technology. Or if you are seeking an older audience, a story told through traditional outlets such as television or newspapers might be better. Whatever medium you choose to tell your story, it must convey authenticity, a personal connection, and a drive to take action as soon as possible. If you manage to have this trifecta in your story, chances are you’ll find success.

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Listen to Your Audience

As your story unfolds over time, listening to your audience plays a pivotal role in your business success. In every business, objectives and goals shift, so you must be willing and able to plan new initiatives in order to move your story forward and renew your call to action.

By taking advantage of these and other methods, you’re sure to find that storytelling can be used in many new and exciting ways to enhance marketing, branding, and your ability to understand the desires and concerns of your customers.

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