Why Business Owners Changing their Sales Methodology Invest in Inbound Marketing

Jason Patel
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Before you can throw up a custom website, invest in SEO and other lead gen strategies that garner steady sales, you need to develop a set of guiding principles that articulate how your company will sell its products and services to customers.

Don’t confuse this with the sales process–a thing that determines the steps and stages of the buyer’s journey. Instead, the sales methodology offers a blueprint for sales reps to follow, through each step, to convert a lead into a buyer and get the deal.

There are as many trademarked methods for doing this as there are Kardashians plaguing television, and many of them are just as popular, but not all are intended for the same target audience. In short, most of these methodologies that you’ve heard of are just products that are trying to be sold to you. Now, some of these may resonate and offer value; no disrespect to them. But what this really means is you should be extra cautious when it comes to which sales methodology to trust, and more importantly, the party that offers it.

From conceptual selling to solution selling, and from consultative selling to the Sandler Selling System, there are a number of approaches businesses can try. But we live in a world that’s experiencing rapid growth in digital, so it only makes sense to partner with a digital growth marketing agency that can align your sales and marketing, and string a number of aspects from any sales methodology while using the inbound approach and marketing automation as the core of the approach.

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Why Inbound Marketing & Successful Sales Methods Go Hand-in-Hand

More than 95 percent of consumers search for products and services on Google, so unless you are super niche in what you do, getting traffic from Google will likely account for the majority of your sales, and inbound marketing is the piece that takes your top-of-funnel traffic and nurtures leads with buyer-focused content educating them into making a purchasing decision. In fact, it is fair to say that inbound marketing can be viewed as a modernized hybrid of the Sandler Selling System and solution selling, and if your CEO is “old school” and you are trying to convince him (or her) that investing in inbound marketing to improve your sales methodology is advantageous, you could use this comparison in your presentation.

This strategy, at its highest quality level, is part of a custom growth marketing stack–a set of tools and technologies designed to work together towards achieving the same goals. Rather than force “salse-y copy” and ads in a potential buyer’s face, this methodical strategy attracts buyers by designing content opportunities where they can actively engage with the brand and its products.

Really, the main reason why inbound is such a powerful strategy in the sales methodology is that it gives buyers exactly what they want. Keep in mind that today’s consumers are hyper savvy and they do tons of research before making a purchasing decision. Once strategies like SEO generate leads and send them into an inbound funnel, leads are given exactly what they want–educational information that answers all of their questions, and that places them in a position to make a smart buying decision that will provide a solution to their needs. But without the right technology in place, the sales methodology will get corrupted.

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It’s More Cost-Effective

With the right CRM and additional technology pieces, an inbound marketing strategy can perform the role of ten team members. Here, one or two marketers manage the CRM; ensuring all leads come though, are segmented, and enter a workflow of custom content designed according to their buyer persona type. The system tracks the buyer’s journey for every lead, analyzes their path, and gives marketers the opportunity to optimize the workflow, if needed, to convert the sale. Not only is the sales methodology run in a cost-effective manner, but gaps caused by human error that permit leads to slip through are sealed. In other words, lost revenue from mismanaging leads is no longer an issue, and having to pull away team members from other tasks to help track the efficiency of the sales methodology is no longer needed because the technology is programmed to do this multi-person task.

Inbound Improves the Sales Methodology, but How Does it Work?

By now you have a good understanding of how inbound can be a great ally for improving your sales methodology, but how does it actually work? The strategy and capabilities are a mixed bag; really, the quality of your sales methodology and the services will directly reflect how skilled the digital marketing agency is that you partner with.

That said, we invite you to download our FREE guide on inbound to learn the finer details of how it works. Then give us a call; we would love to learn about your current sales methodology, customers, brand, and help you discover the best solutions to shortening your sales cycle and hitting your high revenue targets!

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