5 Ways to Quickly Improve the Quality of your Blog Content

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Digital marketing is swimming with tired old cliche phrases, and as much as I cringe every time I see a stupid “content is kink” meme, I also recognize that these words are still relevant. Over the last five years there has been a significant and steady increase in businesses who invest their marketing dollars into a blog. The problem is, very few do it at a high level with an aggressive strategy. Most know what their keywords are and have content created to reflect random subjects. With Google’s algorithm running on AI, this antiquated tactic will no longer make the cut. Businesses need to pay attention to what digital content marketing agencies are doing, and a great degree of the magic sauce exists in amping up the content. Here are five ways to quickly improve your blog’s quality.

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1. Know Your Readers, and Who You Want to Reach

Stop writing to the moon; go to your sales department and pull data on your buyers. Learn what their income is, their family status, what they do for a living, what their job role demands them to do, and what they like to do for fun. Use this information to create buyer personas– fictionalized representations of actual customers. Then write your content FOR them and not for the bots. Google actually awards higher authority to content that resonates with people, so it’s a win / win.

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2. Use the Pillar Content Cluster Model

Google loves structured content and buyers like content that speaks directly to their pain points. Create a cluster of blogs that each link to a single pillar page. Then make each blog address a specific topic relevant to the subject on your pillar page, and give each article context. For example, if your are an ecommerce business that sells accessories for dogs, and one of your top categories are dog sweaters, your pillar page will be the main page for dog sweaters. Blog titles linking to this page could be:

  • Best Dog Sweaters for Pups with Sensitive Skin
  • 5 Best Holiday Dog Sweaters for Hot Weather Climate
  • What are the Best Water Resistant Products to Use on Dog Sweaters?
  • How to Tell if your Dog Loves or Hates Wearing Sweaters
  • Do Dog Sweaters Really Make Canines Feel More Secure?
  • 8 Tips for Dog Moms so they can Dress their Dog to Match their Style

As you can see, these are popular questions buyers likely ask, but put into a certain context. From dogs with special needs to specific climates and even to female owners, these titles are ideal for pillar content cluster model blogs. Just be sure to use strategic anchor texts to your pillar page.

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3. Include a CTA on Each Blog Post

Don’t be shy; in a place that is highly visible ask your readers is they found value in the content; invite them to fill out a form for your whitepaper, or to download your guide. Then follow up with them and discover their exact needs. Use your blog content to convert readers into buyers.

4. Use Smart Anchor Texts

Anchor texts do three primary things: (1) they help Google better understand how pages are related, (2) they improve the user experience by helping readers know how to find desired information and (3) their keywords improve SEO efforts. Since we know Google favors conversational, natural language consider using a keyword variation that plays such a role. Avoid common “click here for more information” type anchor texts and instead make them direct to the subject and individually unique.

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5. Share Your Blogs on Social Channels, the Right Way

If you think posting all of your articles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter every day cuts it, you are dead wrong. First, not all blogs are appropriate for certain social media platforms. You also never want to post into space. Instead, post to various networks and groups of people who are relevant and appropriate. If your blogs are on home improvement, post to home improvement groups, realtor groups, mom groups, and groups for contractors / home builders. Look for people who are more likely to care about DIY household projects, and share your content with them. But before you post first engage these groups; comment on their articles, share their blogs, and become a familiar face. This way they will be more likely to share your content with others.

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