4 Things that will Make Your Content Rock

Jen Saunders
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Content is everything. The words you choose to put on your website not only help you organically rank in Google, but also educate buyers and help them make informed purchasing decisions. Ultimately, you want to produce content that Google’s bots will crawl and love while delighting readers and turning them into loyal brand advocates. Here are four practices used by the best Google-partner inbound digital marketing agencies to create amazing content that ranks, resonates with today’s savvy consumers, and rocks the house.

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1. SEO that Transcends the Norm

Your content won’t be rocking any consumer arenas if there’s nobody there to behold the glory. That said, ranking is extremely important because you need to be seen and heard before you can delight them. When shopping marketing agencies that offer SEO services, how many times do you encounter the three-tier service plan that is all too reminiscent of your cable TV package? While it may make sense to pick a cable TV programming package that gives you the sports channels you love while excluding idiotic “reality” shows, this IS NOT a way to receive or provide marketing solutions. At the end of the day, you are in business to make money and turn profits, and any pre-packaged out-of-the-box marketing strategy will leave you waist-deep in dismal results. Instead, seek SEO services from an agency that creates unique strategies for each client’s brand and goals. The customized, white glove method will give you winning results because it goes deeper into your makeup rather than staying traditional.

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2. Create Content that is Buyer Centric

We talked about how important it is to rank, but if your content fails to delight buyers, your ranking will soon go down. Thanks to Google RankBrain and its AI and Machine Learning driven algorithm, Google is able to gauge relevancy when people click on a result. If a search result gets lots of clicks but people bounce out after a few seconds, it becomes clear to the search engine that there are much better options to rank for the search query. This is why your content must also provide value to human readers. Think about all the different personas that make up your buyer audience. Then create content that speaks to each cohort addressing their common needs, concerns, and answering popular industry-related questions. To really rock your content like David Bowie, produce articles aimed at each one of inbound marketing’s buyer stages to help your readers make informed choices based on their point of awareness. When buyers are informed and educated, they are ready to make a purchase.

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3. Incorporate Storytelling

Storytelling and the power of the narrative offers a number of benefits in your content marketing strategy. It allows you to use your own voice and thus convey your unique personality to consumers; a great tactic for helping you stand out among your competition while creating a memorable reading experience. Storytelling also helps buyers to better imagine themselves using and benefiting from your products. When you create a powerful narrative you have the opportunity to trigger buyer’s emotions. Example, tell a story about how that trip Tom and Brenda booked to Fiji from your travel agency rekindled their love for one another. Tell a story of how your barking collar allowed the Wilson family to keep their beloved Golden Retriever of 12 years. Finally, imaginative storytelling can create a rock star quality fan base and keep people coming back (hey, they will likely become huge advocates and share your content on social media too).

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4. Create Content that Matters Now

From National Hot Dog Day to Women’s History Month, and from Halloween to Take Your Pets to Work Day, there is always a holiday or national observance happening, be it silly or deeply meaningful. See which social media hashtags are trending, and create content inspired by the hot subject. You can also search to see what popular upcoming national days are on the horizon, and create a content calendar to coincide with subjects that will be widely shared and talked about. Just be sure to have a significant amount of content that will make your article relevant for the other 364 days left in the year. Otherwise you will bomb like an aged boy band.

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