4 Lead Nurturing Campaigns Every Business Should Use

Andrew Copeland
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Lead nurturing is an essential part of the sales process. Knowing where your contacts are in the buyer’s journey and sending them the right content at the right time can have a major impact on your overall sales.

Although each business is different and effective messaging or tactics will vary, there are still some basic lead nurturing campaigns that are appropriate for almost every brand. Here are a few examples of effective lead nurturing campaigns that every business should use.

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1. Welcome

A “welcome” campaign is just that; it is designed to introduce new contacts to your brand and thank them for their interest. Since these contacts are probably in the consideration stage, you don’t want to start selling to them just yet. The idea is to keep them engaged with your website while they continue to do their research.

A typical email series could look something like this:

  • Email 1: Thanks for joining. Here is a free content offer to get started.
  • Email 2: Want to learn more? Visit our blog.
  • Email 3: What can we help you with? Visit our services page.
  • Email 4: Looking for inspiration? View our work gallery
  • Email 5: We are here to help. Contact us for more information.

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2. Educational Series

This is a great idea for contacts who have expressed interest in a specific product or service that you offer. This could mean requesting a demo, downloading a bottom-funnel content offer, or even making a purchase. Give these contacts the option to sign up for an email training series for further education.

These emails should contain instructions on how to get the most value from your product or how to use advanced features. Video tutorials or other curriculum-style content are recommended. Emails should be sent at regular intervals (once a day, twice a week, etc.) and the number of emails will be determined by the complexity of the subject matter.

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3. Future Follow Ups

You probably have a list of contacts in your CRM labeled “future follow-ups” or “cold leads” or something similar. These are contacts that expressed interest at one point – and maybe even became a deal – before they went dark on you.

You can set up an automated email campaign to try to rekindle that interest and get them back on your website. The series could look something like this:

  • Email 1: Still interested? Contact us for more info today.
  • Email 2: Check out our new product catalog
  • Email 3: Get your discount code. Offer ends soon!

Just make sure that you don’t wait too long to reach out or that you aren’t reaching out too soon. Give them about 60 to 90 days of inactivity before sending the first email. Depending on your business, more or less time may be appropriate.

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4. Survey/Feedback

This is pretty straight forward. Set up an automated workflow that sends an email survey to your customers a week or 30 days (whatever is appropriate) after they make a purchase. Ask them basic questions about their experience, how they are enjoying the product, and if there is anything else you can provide them with at this point.

Not only does this help you collect valuable data and identify areas for improvement, it shows that you care. By successfully “delighting” your customers after they make a purchase, you can gain a competitive advantage and hopefully get some referral business out of it.

Don’t Let Them Get Away!

Just because somebody has expressed interest in doing business doesn’t mean they will actually become a customer. You need to stay in front of your leads and provide constant value while they move through the buying process. If you don’t, they might simply forget about you or decide they like your competitor better. 

The lead nurturing campaigns listed above are just a starting point. What other ideas can you come up with?

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