3 Must-Haves Your Blog Needs to Convert Readers to Buyers

Emma Gasko
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Roping in prospects and closing them is…so 2005. Today’s buyers want as much information as possible before making a decision and choosing a product best suited to meet their needs. This is why fast-talking salespeople are no match for great content. Blogging is more important than ever; good content can help your buyers make smarter decisions and become loyal advocates of your brand. Here are three must-haves your blogging needs to amp up your business growth and convert readers to buyers.

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1. Your Blogs Need to be Part of an Inbound Strategy

Though the time of its birth is arguable, the term “inbound marketing” became an Internet buzzword around 2008. Almost 10 years later, only a few businesses use this marketing methodology. Inbound marketing and blog content go together like Starsky and Hutch. The inbound methodology is broken down into four stages: (1) Attract (2) Convert (3) Close (4) Delight. These stages are part of a funnel that nurtures prospects with the right kind of content geared towards what stage they are at in the buyer’s journey, and blogging is key to the Attract Stage. Rather than write blogs using a general strategy of creating relevant content, do this but craft it to a specific group of readers at precise stages in the buyer’s journey using the inbound methodology. Seek a SEO agency that offers inbound through a marketing automation platform, and you will see your blog content convert unlike anything before.

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2. Your Blog Content Should be SEO Friendly

We already talked about the importance of writing for people, but if you don’t create blog content that is optimized to rank organically in the search engines, your readers won’t be able to find you. Google’s algorithms have gone through some very dramatic updates over the last several years. Now with Google RankBrain and its artificial intelligence technology, SEO not only takes keywords into account but also the fine components of content that “play nice” with AI and machine learning procedures that help Google bots decipher what to rank and what to ignore. These days being a skilled writer isn’t enough to create big hit content that both human readers and search bots love. Find a digital marketing agency with SEO experts to help create custom content that will rank high up in the SERPs and also delight readers.

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3. Entertain and Educate Your Readers by Storytelling

You can write content aimed at the right reader audience within specific stages of the buyer’s journey and sauce it all up with SEO, but it also needs to be creative and provide exceptional value. Sure, people want to know the specs, facts, and read reviews. But when you can put a creative spin on your content it will resonate even higher. Use a narrative style of storytelling to illustrate your average buyer’s journey towards solving a problem by buying your product. Tell a story about how your services improve the lives of your customers. Storytelling is a great way to emotionally and psychologically place readers directly into the scenario, and when you can do this the value of your products and services resonate at a deeper level unlike traditional content marketing.

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