Why More Brands are Investing in Digital Marketing Agencies with Growth Stacks

Brian Miller
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When most businesses want to maximize their growth opportunities, they will naturally search for digital marketing agencies, review proposals, and invest with the winner. The problem is, too many brands don’t even know what they need to hit their growth goals and blindly walk into contracts with digital marketing agencies without a real understanding of what their true pain points are.

But when brands take the time to research digital marketing agencies offering growth stacks as a scalable and measurable solution to hitting sales targets and achieving other growth goals, they start out the gate knowing exactly what their actual needs are. After all, a Growth Stack runs on the foundation of understanding a brand’s customers and their purchasing behavior.  Then a set of customized tools and strategies are put together, perfectly synchronized, to achieve the same goals. Basically, growth marketing services can’t even run unless clear goals are defined by the gaps in one’s current marketing strategies with solutions designed to create improved results fortified by hitting sales goals and other metrics for growing a brand and helping them hit all sectors of their buyer audience.

This article is intended to help CEOs and executive managers understand why partnering with digital marketing agencies specializing in custom growth stacks can be the big game changer this year to impacting your bottom line with huge spikes in consumer engagement and sales.

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Digital Marketing Agencies Offering Growth Stacks are a Better investment

It goes without saying that most of your competitors are investing in digital marketing strategies like SEO, paid media, and social media marketing. And why shouldn’t they? These are the three biggest digital marketing services. But while these services are commonplace, this is not to say utilizing them is a good investment.

When you partner with digital marketing agencies specializing in custom growth stacks, you only invest in areas of digital marketing that will reach the right buyers, with the right messaging that will convert to sales. Just because something is popular doesn’t mean it will generate an ROI for all companies. As previously mentioned, growth marketing stacks are built on real data reflecting who your buyers are, where they engage with your industry’s content, and what type of messaging leads to earning their business. Rather than blindly pay for a type of digital marketing assuming it will help you hit your growth goals, marketing stacks make no assumptions and enable investments to result in maximized, proven growth.

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Custom Growth Marketing Stacks Lead to more Sales Using Highly Targeted Content

Your ability to hit growth goals and high-revenue sales targets rely on reaching the right buyers, at the right time, with content most likely to convert to sales. Cookie-cutter SEO and paid media strategies won’t cut it anymore. Rather than invest in the same SEO strategy 100 other businesses are paying for, you need a stack of strategies designed to resonate with YOUR buyers as opposed to a generalized idea of what a consumer audience is. Look at it this way: in order to get a sale, your products and services need to be viewed as the best solutions to whatever needs and pain points your buyers have. If custom content is put in front of their faces at the right stage in the buyer’s journey, and that speaks directly to their intimate needs as opposed to providing general content, people will come to view you as a solution to a problem and therefore buy from you.

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Growth Stacks Nurture Higher Quality Leads from Multiple Channels throughout the Funnel

Growth stacks use customized digital marketing strategies to generate leads at every point of the sales funnel. For example, SEO and PPC can work together to target top-of funnel leads with strategic content that sends them through a nurturing process until they convert to sales, while inbound marketing can take mid-funnel and bottom of the funnel leads and educate them with the right niche content that will seal the deal.

A multi channel approach that focuses on nurturing leads from every stage of the buyer’s journey leaves no room for people to drop out due to a lack of interest, as every engagement is built around the buyer experience while showcasing your company as the ultimate solution to their needs. When you have agile strategies running to generate leads from all channels of your growth marketing strategy, you are automatically getting higher quality leads because these people have made the conscious decision to continue engaging, and are therefore interested in your company and its products. This means their chances of converting are significantly higher, and your investment will see a higher return with a positive impact to your bottom line.

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Growth Marketing Stack Technology Maximizes Your Efficiency and Sales

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why brands invest in digital marketing agencies offering growth stacks is due to the technology. For example, WEBITMD is a certified HubSpot partner. CRMs like HubSpot have tools that go well beyond Google Analytics providing marketers and internal teams with high-level data that proves where your leads come from and what traffic channels should prioritized, based on each company’s goals. Growth Stack technology also lets companies and marketing teams see who their leads are down to their names, places of employment, and job roles. Knowing this data is extremely valuable because it gives marketers intimate data that leads to enriching inbound marketing campaigns, optimizing content for SEO that ranks for precise search queries used by target buyers, and allows paid media strategies to exclude irrelevant audiences by knowing where to target the bulk of their efforts.

Finally, Growth Marketing stacks are powered by technology that automates lead nurturing tactics therefore allowing your team members to use their time in other areas of your marketing efforts. In addition, Growth Marketing technology removes the element of human error by efficiently scoring, nurturing and monitoring every lead that enters the stream. This leads to a fully efficient lead management effort where no leads can slip through the cracks and get lost in a sea of emails. When working with a growth marketing agency you will start to see immediate improvements in your own internal operations efficiency, an increase in leads, and more sales with a solid plan for year-over-year growth.

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