Why Digital Marketing Agencies Should Hire College-Educated Team Members

Martin Andrews

It goes without saying that any top digital marketing agency that takes itself seriously will attempt to hire the best and the brightest. But sometimes candidates can put on a show in the interview process; they can pretend to know what they are talking about and then fake it to make it while delivering subpar results. Very few agencies actually quiz candidates on their skills and instead hire on personality and “claimed skills”. But you can’t fake a college education.

By making a BA degree (or higher) from a fully accredited university a mandatory hiring requirement, you automatically put your agency in a position to significantly increase employee quality. Forget those for-profit institutions, film schools, trade schools or other bozo entities. When interviewing creative people, be sure they have a business degree or a humanities-based degree from a respected university. Here are some reasons why college educated team members bring greater value to digital marketing agencies.

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Higher Retention Rate in Digital Marketing Agencies

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, companies that hire college-educated employees with a Bachelor’s degree have a 25 percent higher retention rate average in digital marketing agencies, and a massive 77 percent increase when hiring employees with graduate degrees. The average lifespan of a full-time, non college-educated employee is 2.8 years costing companies thousands of dollars in staffing. By hiring SEO experts and marketing managers with a BA or Master’s degree, you can save your agency both time and money.

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Better Work Ethic

College-educated employees tend to have a better work ethic. Why? Because when one undergoes four years of maintaining high academic standards, while meeting strict deadlines, and making wise decisions with how one spends his time AND maintains a high enough GPA to graduate through all of it, the person comes out well-disciplined with a variety of time-management skills. They are also easier to train, easier to nurture into upper management roles, and have better communication skills than someone who never had the academic experience.

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Better Problem Solvers

A college education trains minds how to look at various problems and approach questions pertaining to them from multiple standpoints. Believe it or not, but knowing how to apply a Marxist, Freudian, Feminist, Post-Modern and Existentialist reading of the same text makes someone a better problem solver when dealing with marketing strategies for various buyer personas and consumer audiences. If you are wondering how to hire the best SEO experts, consider a candidate with a degree in minor / major in business and humanities; they bring the ability to think outside of the box, create amazing content and think with a business and artistic mindset.

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Higher Growth Potential

In order to graduate with a BA degree, a student must progress from one year into the next, for four years, while successfully demonstrating knowledge and skills in increasingly difficult assignments. Considering that the average non college-educated employee has a retention rate of 2.8 years, there is not much room for growth in such a short employment term. Furthermore, the fact that someone can prove to have grown in four years with room for greater advancement suggests there is no low-hanging glass ceiling in their career.

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You Get What You Pay For

There is a reason why people take out loans for thousands upon thousands of dollars to go to college; one’s higher earning potential is worth the investment. That said, college-educated employees aren’t cheap. They invested in their education to provide a higher quality service, and if you want to invest in your agency you need to hire the candidates with degrees on their resumes. If you pay the higher salary, you get better quality across the board, and with a highly skilled team comes internal growth.

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