Why CEOs Should Care that Growth Marketing is Overtaking SEO in ROI

Jason Patel
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Improving bottom line reporting: this is what every CEO in every industry cares about. And while SEO is an ideal way to drive high-quality top-of-funnel traffic, making it a part of a Growth Stack only further improves volume and quality of traffic using a measurable, scalable and cost-saving process.

Don’t get me wrong; SEO as a stand-alone service is still an important marketing strategy to invest in, and this isn’t going to change. In fact, SEO’s effects last longer than any other digital marketing strategy; it leads to the most cost-effective type of marketing, and it continues to be the most used marketing strategy by competitors in thousands of industries. But for some companies, it is simply more effective as part of a Growth Stack.

So does this mean it pays out in ROI within close proximity to its onset?

Typically, no. SEO, even in a Growth Stack, is still a process that requires a number of parts to evolve into a single strategy firing on all sides. However, when growth marketing agencies specializing in SEO run other strategies alongside organic search campaigns with the aid of technology, the process can shorten, and ROIs can materialize at quicker rates. In addition, a number of other benefits surface that help brands hit their revenue targets in a more timely and cost-effective manner.

This article is intended to help members of the C-suite learn why growth marketing stacks can help generate quicker, better results than SEO as a stand-alone marketing strategy. It will also offer some insight into how to source an agency capable of helping you hit your growth goals specializing in this unique approach to increasing sales.

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Growth Marketing Strategies with SEO Improve Traffic Quantity and Quality

In order for SEO to generate revenue, its strategy needs to rank content likely to convert searchers into buyers. This means you need more traffic, and better quality traffic.

In 2018 a number of SEO agencies in Boston engaged in studies looking at the impact SEO brings to business growth when ran alongside a set of custom tools and strategies. In case you are wondering why Boston SEO agencies specifically did this, the answer is simple: they are all HubSpot partners, and the company is headquartered in Boston providing easy access to meetups and strategic think-tanks on the subject.

Running SEO alongside a powerful CRM with advanced analytics, lead generation tools, and audience segmentation features allows marketers to extract valuable audience insight required to improve traffic quantity and quality by knowing how to better provide searchers with content that addresses their precise pains and needs.

Without the technology and adjoining strategies, a clever SEO strategy can still work, but most companies will experience a higher level of success when utilizing SEO in a Growth Stack. This means every Google partner Boston SEO agency, to all the digital marketing agencies in Los Angeles, need to focus on organic search strategies grounded in understanding their client’s customers and how they consume information that helps them make purchasing decisions. And the Growth Stack makes this all possible.

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SEO Within a Growth Stack Improves ROI

One of the biggest gripes from the C-suite when it comes to SEO is that its opaque data prevents marketing teams from pinpointing exactly where traffic comes from, and what kind of traffic at that. This is a big deal because it prevents marketing teams from advising their client where the precise money-making channels are of the organic strategy worth investing in.

However, when run through a Growth Stack, SEO works with other strategies to enable full transparency thus helping marketing teams pinpoint the KPIs and conversion points. As a result, your marketing budget can have allocated streams that feed known areas where ROI is strong and consistent.

This is possible because CRMs frequently used in Growth Stacks track user engagement from the first touch-point, and the best ones even reveal high-level information such as the visitor’s name, the company they work for, and their job title. It also shows marketers where the visitor turned into a lead, and has advanced tools to score these leads and segment them for custom campaigns. This is something Google Analytics is not able to do, hence why SEO running within a Growth Stack is the more attractive option for discerning CEOs looking for proven tactics designed to improve their bottom line.

Now you can see how SEO in a Growth Stack improves ROI from a targeting perspective, but let’s look at the bigger picture. Your organic search strategy, as a Growth Stack component, delivers a better return on your investment because it kills all those man-hours of researching an estimated customer’s journey, manually categorizing leads, and sending custom emails to specific people. Growth Stacks take your organic leads and automate a number of these tasks, including email marketing with no room for human error thus further improving your ROI.

Do you do any marketing internally? If so, imagine all the free time your team will have once marketing automation is firing. Your ROI can be stretched even further by freeing up time for marketing and sales team members to focus their skills in other tasks.

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