What is a Growth Stack & Why Do You Need One?

Brian Miller
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If you have been neck-deep in articles related to digital marketing and business growth strategies, you have likely come across the term “Growth Stack”. The popularity of a Growth Stack approach to marketing is on the rise, but in reality very few digital marketing agencies offer them. And of those that do, even fewer go about executing them the right way.

Let’s Be Clear: What is a Marketing Growth Stack?

A Growth Stack is a set of tools that work together to achieve a specific result. These tools provide various purposes that include marketing, selling and communicating with prospective customers.

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What Defines a Bad Growth Stack from a Good One?

There are a number of emblems that identify poorly put together and thought out Growth Stacks. First, we are working in the heart of a software renaissance where there are a dozen tools for every single possible task that lives in growing companies. Some Growth Stacks hoard an unnecessary number of tools to appear big and thorough in their process. However, the best digital marketing agencies offering a custom Growth Stack will take the opposite approach.  Instead they will source a single software solution for multiple tasks. Not only does this help facilitate internal communication and increase productivity, it also keeps investment costs lower for the client. All too often organizations squander thousands of dollars by using a CRM system to tie everything together, yet what they end up with is a solution for a corporation 10 times their size. A good digital marketing Growth Stack will allow agencies to calibrate tools at scale to fit their client’s needs like a glove.

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The Best Growth Stacks Close Gaps

When companies use a flawed Growth Stack crammed with unnecessary tools, a disjointed experience can unfold causing leads and customers to fall through the gaps. When digital marketing agencies, especially those with Inbound chops, scale their tools to fit a custom need, these gaps close allowing for clear communication, fluent workflows and messaging reception.

It’s All in the Approach

A solid Growth Stack can only help organizations reach those high revenue targets if its foundation allows it. Have you ever seen a runway crew at an airport scan the pavement for any foreign objects that could prove disastrous for takeoffs and landings? A good approach to a Growth Stack does just that; it eliminate the potential for chaos by understanding the goal and what it takes to garner a seamless runway.

The WEBITMD Growth Stack has an approach to digital marketing that begins with understanding how customers consume information that leads to purchasing decisions. A true grasp of marketing psychology and deep-diving into buyer personas allows digital marketers to get into the customer’s head and understand their pains and needs. As vital information from sales teams is assessed, such as typical buyer’s journey outlines, and analytics are studies to see what channels brought in traffic and where people came from, savvy marketing teams can engineer Growth Stacks customized to fit any corporation’s need.

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Why Organizations Need a Growth Stack

Most companies investing in digital marketing don’t have the great experience they anticipated. According to a 2017 article by Search Engine Land, only 38% of organizations trust their marketing agency and only 35% of agencies understand the client’s needs. Clearly, understanding the true objectives and growing pains in an organization ties in directly to the trust factor.

Companies need to invest in Growth Stacks offered by agencies who (as previously mentioned) begin with a solid foundation of understanding how customers consume information, and how this relates to the organization’s goals. A solid Growth Stack will allow companies to see exactly how their customers found them, the content and messaging that resonated (or didn’t resonate), and what steps they took to make their purchase (or where they bounced in the process). This is the call-sign of an Inbound agency using marketing automation software as a key tool in their Growth Stack. Not only does this allow for organizations to see where their investment is paying off, but the full transparency garners trust and valuable, lengthy partnerships.

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