How to Use Content to Market for Venture Capital

Jason Patel
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If you have been combing through digital marketing agencies in search of one capable of executing a stellar content marketing strategy that both attracts your ideal investors and converts your visitors into revenue, you are not alone.

Venture capital has always been popular, but in recent years it has attracted a new cohort of business–the young financially endowed Gen X segment of society with members that include Ashton Kutcher and Jessica Alba inspiring young people with the financial means to invest in the latest promising startup whether as an individual or through a group of private investors.

Then you have your traditional finicky VC’s that are always looking for new, better opportunities–a target audience that’s got a completely different buyer persona that other sections of the overall target audience.

Before delving into the topic of how to use content marketing for venture capital, it’s important to first address the Why. Why should VCs partner with one the best digital marketing agencies specializing in SEO and content marketing as a way to foster growth? There are two main reasons this article will explore: Firstly, all of your target investors are picky, and with good reason. Partners want to do stringent background checks, and securing LPs is becoming increasingly difficult. Secondly, start-ups, investors and entrepreneurs  have access to more information than ever before, and multiple statistics prove they to thorough research to access as much information as possible.

The question of how to market venture capital is a common one, and more so the strategies and methods for creating and distributing content going from VCs to potential startups and investors serves as a major pain point. This article will lend insight into why VCs should partner with Growth Marketing agencies in order to efficiently attract and convert the right audiences with a custom content strategy within a cost-saving framework.

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Determine What Strategies Unite Readers with Content

There are a number of strategies used by growth marketing agencies for uniting target investors with content. These range from SEO, inbound marketing, paid media, and other strategies. The first thing a growth marketer does is determine which method makes the most sense. Everything from the sales cycle to learning how target investors consume information relevant to their investment decisions helps marketers create the right custom stack of tools and strategies necessary for delivering the right content where ideal viewers are most likely to engage the material.

Most savvy venture capitalists invest in SEO driven growth marketing stacks to attract top-of-funnel traffic where the “looky loo” is weeded out from those likely to convert to high-quality leads. Then marketing automation platforms track each lead through their “buyer’s journey” sending potential investors strategic content with a logic-based foundation designed to convert them onto the next step in the process until they enroll into the investment opportunity.

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Ranking the Right Content for People who are Prime Candidates

Why aren’t going to convert many clients simply by ranking for broad terms like “investment opportunities”. You may get tons of clicks, but if the content you are ranking isn’t resonating with the pain points or promoting trust, they will bounce out until they find what they are looking for.

Before we get into keywords and how SEO works, let’s take a look at what doesn’t work and sadly what most SEO agencies are guilty of doing: trying to rank for high-volume keywords with zero audience targeting factors using the same boring rinse-and-repeat content everyone else is pushing out into cyberspace.

It order to rank for broad keywords, you need to pump out tons of content that repeats the same topics. But this is boring and anyone who is serious about investing isn’t going to get blown away reading the same crap every venture capitalist blog is spewing. Your content needs to be original and each article should elevate the overall blog with new elements. This will create a lasting connection with potential partners and investors.

In order to rank this type of content for people likely to call you, you need to identify what their common needs are. Where is the mistrust coming from? What motivates them to invest? What do they do professionally, and what are their responsibilities? When you can create context and appropriate it into your keywords and search phrases backed by content that addresses all the talking points your consumer cares about, you will see high placement in Google with long dwell times on your site that further improve SEO results while increasing your conversion rate.

Remember, content is more than just advertising. A good SEO strategy for venture capital will seek to market it through a one-way flow of information, broken into segments to mirror the buyer’s journey, built with the blocks of a two-way relationship.

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Ranking Content that Instills Trust While Inspiring Inquiry

Startups and potential investors get to know you through the content you rank. In fact, this is almost always a first impression, so it is one that must be flawlessly mastered. Often, VCs will spend tons of time and money hiring internal teams to create original content that mirrors your vision and translates your passion. However, the necessary market research and business psychology layers that buttress the bridge between content and investor are non-existent. In addition, these teams lack the technology or expertise in delivering the right content to the right audiences. This is where growth marketing teams from an established agency bring tremendous value.

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Growth Marketing Agencies Offer Unparalleled Value to VCs

When venture capitalists partner with growth marketing teams to make make full use of all the organic traffic generated from SEO operatives, a custom set of tools and strategies are required to work in synch for achieving the same goal–create leads that convert to investors.

Remember, creating original content for internal teams is time-consuming and lacks the market and buyer research to determine approach and a flow that delivers new content within a context that provides readers with new and exciting considerations while establishing trust in your brand.

Growth marketing agencies understand the needs of venture capitalists in the digital space, and when it comes to marketing for venture capital groups are always put in a better position to increase their profits by investing with a digital marketing agency that uses a powerful CRM where leads are scored, segmented, and fed highly-strategic content addressing their biggest pain points using the right cadence in a fully automated and measurable system.

How valuable is bold content if it isn’t generating leads and reaching potential investors at the right time in their buyer’s journey? Content marketing for venture capital is an agile process of not only creating amazing content that ranks for the right people; it then nurtures them through a highly strategic process with ongoing optimization until they are fully vested in your opportunity.

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