Their Problems, Your Problems: Main Issues to Avoid in Your 2020 Relationship with a Growth Marketing Agency

Jen Saunders
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Ultimately, problems will be front and center in any growth marketing engagement. After all, if organizations didn’t have any problems, they wouldn’t have a need for service providers to help them improve their sales and marketing with custom solutions. However, within every solution there are underlying problems that need to be resolved. Therefore, growth marketing agencies can have their share of problems right along with their clients. However, the best growth marketing agencies know how to quickly identify these problems, ameliorate them, and provide their clients with solutions to their own issues so that the relationship, from both sides, is problem-free. 

This article is designed to help internal marketing and sales teams learn how to identify and better understand common problems organizations like theirs face, problems that growth marketing agencies often deal with when creating solutions for their clients, and how to work to create a beneficial relationship where both parties can grow together and mutually benefit from a prosperous relationship.

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Your Problems: When Products and Services Present a Disconnect with Buyers

All too often brands present their products and services under the spotlight of self-glorification. Companies are quick to say that they are number one, award-winning, and brag about the technology, quality, and fine details that make their products what they are.

However, when companies spend their time tooting their own horn, they completely neglect their buyers. Instead of making themselves the hero, smart brands should quench this problem by painting their customers as the heroes. Remember, a hero is someone who learns more about their challenges, finds a solution, and uses it to come out as a winner. This means organizations need to educate their customers so they can learn more about their problems, show how their products provide the best solutions, and how their use can make people victorious as they pump their fists in a problem-free existence.

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Their Problems: Growth Marketing Agencies Need to Remove their Content Blinders

Once brands realize they need to focus more on their buyers and less on themselves, growth marketing agencies need to step up and create a holistic content approach. I know, I know: “holistic” is one of those over-used cringe-worthy words much like “evergreen” that people tossed around the table 10 years ago to look smart. But when writing content for a growth marketing client, it really does need to serve a holistic purpose. This means it needs to be SEO friendly and improve rankings while increasing the quantity and quality of traffic BUT it also needs to speak to the right buyers, address their needs with the best solutions, and educate them along their buyer’s journey. Blogs, web pages and landing pages will be the primary instruments for this purpose, but email marketing messages, assets, CTAs and other pieces of content must ALL speak to the same drumbeat.

If there is a disconnect between the various types of content, or content only focuses on converting email open rates or improving SEO, then it is a problem marketers need to recognize and quickly rework.

Remember, virtually ALL organizations have the same goal: increase revenue. Companies invest in growth marketing agencies to do just that. Remember, clients invest in this multi-channel approach to increase traffic, improve traffic quality, and convert  traffic into paying customers. But in order to evolve from lead generation to revenue (simply having leads won’t create dollars), the right content needs to nurture people through every stage of the buyer’s journey in order to get conversions.

Back to their problems: As previously mentioned, marketers  will develop tunnel vision; they will see great results from rankings and ignore the main point of the overarching strategy to focus on a solitary factor. The blinders will go up, and they will focus on specific strategies without creating solutions for leveraging other contributing factors to achieving sales goals. Marketers need to look at the big picture and contemplate ALL aspects of content, from every strategic approach, and work across departments to achieve their client’s goals.

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Here’s an Example: Agencies and Clients Feeding from the Same Problematic Table

Let’s look at an example where client and agency problems are simply feeding from their own internal misguided direction, and see what a potential solution might look like:

Imagine that a growth marketing agency has a large ecommerce client that sells scuba diving equipment. Currently, the client has content that showcases their products as being the best in the industry. But there is doesn’t addresses the problems divers face in their sport, and challenges they face in shopping for gear, nor does it present reveal the client’s products as providing the best solutions amidst many options from multiple brands.

Enter the marketing agency: Rather than writing content to simply rank web pages and blogs for keywords associated with the client’s products (a common problem shared by thousands of digital marketing companies), a savvy growth marketing agency will engage in the appropriate research and write content that helps customers learn more about their problems before leading them to additional writings that offer the best solutions to their needs. Too many marketing agencies have the problem of perpetuating the client’s self-centered focus, but the best growth marketing agencies will help their client’s target customers better understand their problems by pointing out the symptoms, and revealing ideal solutions.

Here is the example:

  • Dive gear is expensive
  • Divers travel, and need light-weight equipment
  • Equipment needs to be safe and easy to use
  • Equipment needs to match their dive profile

For the sake of this example, let’s assume that buyer personas reveal that target buyers make higher incomes, take multiple dive trips every year, and they continue their dive education by getting new certifications. Additional research reveals that frequent traveler divers experience regulator free-flows when they use their gear going from warm water, to colder water. Research also uncovers that divers are complaining in surveys, emails, and in social media groups that breathing becomes more difficult in colder water.

Solution: the Apeks MTX-R. Why? It is a military grade cold water regulator that also performs flawlessly in warm tropical conditions and automatically adjusts to its environment to offer effortless breathing, and so long as it is serviced once a year, it will never free flow.

So how should a brand and their growth marketing agency work to create content that will increase sales by making people more aware of their problems, educating them about their options, and increasing sales? Here is a high-level outline that could work really well in such a scenario:

  • Your growth marketing agency will use the CRM to segment leads according to the buyer’s stage and diver’s profile
  • Custom email content will reach these people that speaks specifically to their problems while proposing a solution
  • Blogs will be strategically written that address these pain points, present a number of solutions, and then narrow down the best solution. CTAs can convert people on the spot into sales, make appointments for demos, or set them up with a rental to test the product before they make a purchase. 

In this entire process, content can still be written to offer SEO value; it just needs to use context alongside keywords to help emotionally connect readers to their needs, and the solutions presented.

Ultimately, a diver will learn that rather than spend $2500 to buy two different regulators to use in specific environments, they can invest in one piece of equipment that offers top performance in all conditions thus saving them money and removing their anxiety related to breathing issues and free-flows. Again, the goal is not to say that the regulator is a military-grade product, made from titanium, and has the best ratings in the industry. The idea is to paint a picture of a stressful diver who just wants the right gear that improves the dive experience. Then a few options can be presented, with the Apeks model being presented as the best solution to their needs; it needs to be presented as their own personal Excalibur that will make them the king of their diving adventures as they fearlessly explore the ocean in ultimate comfort and safety.

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Your Problem and Theirs: Just Make Sure All the Pieces Fit

Your growth marketing agency will use technology to ensure sales and marketing are aligned and on the same page, data is shared across the board, and a multi-channel approach to attracting the right customers that educates and nurtures them until they convert is put into place. What’s key is that content and technology work together to ensure all types of content work to achieve the same goal, there is no disconnect between products and customers, and that human needs and understanding buying behavior are at the foundation of everything.

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Not Being Able to Justify a Growth Marketing Investment is Your Problem

Finally, make sure the strategy is transparent so you can learn how to justify the cost of your growth marketing investment by seeing where revenue is coming in from through every step of the process. The best growth marketing teams will also be collecting intimate data on your leads that can be used to optimize every channel of your approach, while showing you what’s working, and what isn’t. If you can’t justify your investment, then you are simply setting yourself up for a loss. Demand full transparency and full data access in your next engagement.  

Follow this advice and let 2020 be the year your business makes a rapid accent to hitting all of your high revenue targets.

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