The Secret Life of a Lead-Generating Digital Marketing Growth Stack

Martin Andrews
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When companies hear “digital marketing”, any number of thoughts can instantly flood in. Some organizations think of digital marketing and set goals such as ranking all over page one of Google for multiple search terms. Others want to increase their CTR and some focus on driving new users to their website. It’s funny, but marketing managers, CMOs and other organization heads forget what it is they really want: to increase their revenue and hit those growth goals. They simply think SEO, PPC and a great blog will get them there. We all know that saying, “assumptions are like….everyone has one”.  It’s time to stop making assumptions about what it takes to grow your business and instead talk to a digital marketing agency that offers custom growth stacks that truly reveal the gaps and run a strategy that promotes sales.

Not all growth stacks are created equally. The ones that generate leads that turn into sales live very secret lives. Digital marketing agencies in Los Angeles to New York try to engineer growth stacks that can help businesses improve their lead generation process, but seldom do they actually make a dent where it matters. This article is intended to help companies understand the signs of a high-quality growth stack that actually generates high-quality leads that turn into sales.

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So What is a Growth Stack?

Before we dive in, let’s first understand what a growth stack is. A digital marketing growth stack is a set of tools and strategies, hand-picked and customized to work together to help reach specific audiences, convert readers into leads, and funnel leads into sales through an agile nurturing system. Every growth stack will differ based on the industry, company, their products, and their customer’s needs.

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SEO in a Growth Stack

Most growth stacks include SEO. After all, nearly every brand relies on organic traffic as a primary channel for driving traffic and generating leads. In addition, top-of-funnel landing pages heavily rely on SEO to draw customers in the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey.

Most agencies offer SEO the way it was meant to run five years ago. They pump out poorly-thought blogs that aim to rank for high-search volume broad keywords, play a basic backlink game, and tool around with mixing up meta descriptions and tags. When run as part of a growth stack, SEO involves a strategy designed to run in sync with other strategic components to garner measurable growth-driven results.

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Multi-Channel Paid Media

Lead-generating growth stacks rely heavily on traffic from a paid multi-channel approach. When PPC, Facebook ads, and other forms of paid media are aligned to drive various consumer groups to optimized landing pages, buyers enter a funnel where they become leads that are slowly nurtured up to and after they make a purchase. This is where content marketing plays a big role alongside the messaging components of the various paid media campaigns.

Nurturing and Automation

When SEO and paid media channels are designed to work together, the next piece is the automation of content that facilitates the nurturing process. In order to generate leads, buyers must encounter information that makes them aware of their need, presents various solutions, and narrows them down to a specific option–your products and services. The inbound marketing methodology attracts prospects through specific content broken down into stages that are automated to segmented groups of buyers. While these wheels are turning, SEO and paid media continue to drive traffic into the same funnel system. Marketing automation is a cost-effective way to generate MQLs, convert them into buyers through targeted content, and send them on their way as promoters of your business.

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The Secret Life of Growth Stacks Shares Your Brand’s DNA

In order for growth stacks to work, marketers must have an in-depth understanding of their client’s buyers and how these customers engage your industry’s content. This is why successful growth stacks are completely customized; in order for them to attract and convert the right people, they must breathe the very makeup of your company and its buyers.

Learn More About Custom Growth Stacks

If you have a better understanding of what defines a winning growth stack, you will love our FREE guide that takes a more in-depth look at what goes into a custom growth stack. You will also gain a better understanding of how one may help you reach your growth goals. Give the guide a read, and if you have any questions or wish to learn more, give us a call!
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