The Perfect Digital Marketing Growth Stack Cocktail: Happy National Mint Julep Day

Jen Saunders
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Ah the mint julep. How can one not love this iconic drink and its swagger continuously celebrated every May 30th at Churchill Downs?  If there is a cocktail to best represent the ingredients of an effective digital marketing growth stack, the mint julep has my vote. Boasting a certain Southern gravitas from the legendary days where hospitality was a measure of one’s worthiness, its origins are as muddled as the beverage itself. Consisting of bourbon, sugar, water, fresh mint and crushed ice, the mint julep offers some very different components…yet they are designed to work together in perfect unison to achieve the same goal–provide a refreshing, delicious punch! Sort of like the various pieces in a digital marketing business growth stack working together to deliver revenue goals.

The best mint julep I ever had was in the summer of 2002 while vacationing in New Orleans with friends from university. I even took the experience a few steps further by drinking it from a rocking chair on someone’s porch while wearing a string bow tie, holding a flyswatter, and saying things like “I declare” and asking where the “gentlemen callers” have retired to. Though this was done for humorous amusement, I was pleasantly surprised by the mint julep. For the remainder of my stay, I made it my mission to find the best mint julep in the city, and as a digital marketer I make it my life’s mission to put together the best growth stacks for businesses.

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Mint Juleps and the Digital Marketing Growth Stack Differ the Same

Just while the perfect mint julep depends on the right kind of bourbon, it’s ratio to water, the ideal amount of sugar, how muddled the mint is, and how the glass is treated, so too does a solid digital marketing growth stack depend on the right components.  But what makes a mint julep great also depends on the person’s unique taste buds, while the greatness of a growth stack depends on how customized it is to meet an organization’s specific tastes and needs.

Growth stacks and mint juleps differ the same: you can’t get more antithetical than bourbon to water, and the fresh mint further makes these two ingredients stand apart while simultaneously uniting them to create an incredible taste–a true paradox of sorts. The best digital marketing business growth stacks are offered by agencies that know how to take very different pieces of marketing, such as automation and comprehensive SEO strategies, and engineer a system that aligns them to work together to help brands hit high revenue targets and expand their client base.

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Marketing Automation and Strategy are Your Bourbon

The mint julep is a high-class drink so it should have a high-quality bourbon. This means it needs to go down smooth and pack a flavourful punch. Drinks historian Fred Minnick resides as the Kentucky Derby’s bourbon authority. He says a good mint julep will have a high-proof bourbon that “will stand up to the ice and stick out”. His favorites include the seven year Baker’s bourbon and the 107-proof Old Weller Antique.

The best digital marketing growth stack will use a robust marketing automation CRM that tracks and manages interactions between organizations and their leads / clients. It is the vehicle that takes the overall strategy and its interwoven adjoining strategies to deliver the right content, to the right customers, at the right moment in their buyer’s journey. It will allow marketers to use automation for email marketing, sharing content through social media, and blasting other types of content to segmented groups of people. It’s messaging must stand up to the timeliness in which the automated process is running. In other words, time matters when it comes to making those personal connections with buyers.

This is where the strategy comes in; understanding buyer audiences, creating the right content, and determining HOW and WHEN to send it matters as much as the platform from which everything is managed.

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Know How to Muddle the Mint and Your Content

Muddling the mint is one of the most important steps in perfecting a mint julep. This is an important step because it releases the essence and flavor of the mint into the drink to create the ultimate experience. Most people assume that pounding the mint will better break up and release flavor. However, this actually produces a bitter compound. They key is to gently press and run the mint leaves so their natural oils come forward.

Producing content is much like the process of muddling mint in that you have to get the voice, format and delivery just right in order for it to make a lasting impression with the right buyers. Using the ideal cadence for communicating via automation, the right blog topics and the content on your landing pages must release just enough of the right information appropriate to the buyer person and their purchasing journey.

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Growth Stack Mixology, Perfected

While a mint julep has the right ingredients to deliver a desired result, a digital marketing growth stack must use a set of strategies and tools to work together to achieve a specific goal. Understanding how people consume information within an industry and how it impacts their purchasing decisions is just as relevant to knowing what bourbon to use and how to muddle the mint to give the best drink. Have a conversation with a digital marketing agency known for customizing business growth stacks, and discover how they can deliver the perfect mixed stack to help you nail all of your growth goals.

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