The Importance of Video Marketing in 2020 [With Examples]

Nicolas Pagnotta
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As a business owner, you’re very likely aware of the importance of video marketing. However, it is very common to find certain concerns and misconceptions that stagnate video implementation in most businesses. It’s very usual to see empty YouTube channels or channels with a few videos from several years ago. And of course, that doesn’t do any favor to the overall digital marketing.

One common complaint about video marketing is that it’s very time-consuming. Another one is not having the knowledge or the budget to either invest in the tools to create video content or to come up with it. Even shame can be a stopper, as many people don’t really enjoy showing their faces or talking to the camera (sounds dumb, but it’s more common than you think).

Keep on reading to get some useful tips that will help you clarify these and many other misconceptions about video marketing.

Ignoring the Importance of Video Marketing: The Worst Mistake You Can Make 

Ignoring the importance of video marketing, especially in the long term, is a mistake that can make you miss a lot of traffic, valuable improvements in your overall SEO metrics, and more importantly, new prospects and clients. It is expected that more of the 80% of the global traffic will be through video by 2021. 

Again, 80% of the traffic. Next year.

Another recent article by Hubspot says that 85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. So using audiovisual content is a way to necessarily stay competitive. Even if your competitors are not using it anyhow (which is unlikely), having videos on a regular basis will necessarily give you an advantage. Nowadays they are the easiest, clearest ways for your customers and prospects to understand what your products or services are about.


This capability in videos can save businesses tons of time at the moment of facing exploratory phone calls or even closing sales. A clear, explanatory video can save you and your prospects tons of time in explanations and go straight to the point; which is definitely a win-win deal for both parties. Plus, that same video can be used in all your platforms, whether it is your website, social media, e-blasts, etc.

Of course, some questions remain: how can you create solid, useful videos for your marketing strategy? How can you know which ones are engaging to your audience? And more importantly, will you have to break your bank account or become Quentin Tarantino to do that?

Popular, Low-Cost & Effective Types of Videos for Marketing in 2020 

One of the things that the COVID-19 and the need for social distancing situation brought was the (forced) use of remote communication. What initially was a complication eventually became a standard and as for October 2020, almost an expectation. So if you ever had a Zoom meeting, you have yourself a familiar, low-cost, and effective way to come up with audiovisual content. 

Many brands and even agencies are incorporating this type of video as a way to come up with Q&A and informative pieces in general. We even had one ourselves recently! and it’s proven to be very useful:

The beauty of this format is that you can come up with several pieces in one session, which also makes it time-effective. Having a script or a questionnaire written beforehand, with specific bullet points and concrete topics can make several videos from a one hour recorded Zoom session. This is also a good opportunity to show something that audiences (and Google) value a lot: your own expertise and insight on your industry.

Text-only video is another popular and cost-effective format to give traction to your video marketing. They’re especially popular on Facebook Watch and YouTube, and it’s very likely you’ve watched one before (they have the same format for both platforms, by the way, so if you ever come up with one you don’t need to create more than one file). They consist, as the name says, of text-only videos showing specific bullet points and very summarized information. Usually, they have background music and stock images; whether they are photos or videos (still, if you are able to implement original photos, that’s always a plus):

Text-only videos can be used as summaries of your blog posts or landing pages content, which can also include in them and add extra value to it. Videos in general, no matter the format, can boost conversion rates on landing pages by up to 80%. Search engines see video as high-quality content, and a consistent upload on videos on YouTube, with the proper optimization, can also be a great source of backlinks.

Your Digital Marketing Agency Can Help 

Just like with all the other aspects of Digital Marketing, the agency you partner up with should be able to provide you with solutions for your video marketing needs. At WEBITMD, we can help you with video solutions that fit your budget and more importantly, your audience. 
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