Spending too much on Marketing? Why Growth Marketing Stacks are a CEO’s Best Kept Secret

Brian Miller
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It can be extremely challenging for businesses to gauge the value of a marketing investment. From understanding where real value exists at a strategic level, to being able to see how the various pieces help to streamline your sales process and make your team more efficient, and knowing what to invest in that will positively impact your bottom line can be challenging, especially since not all marketing solutions fit the same need of every organization.

Any time you invest in the “Rolls Royce” of marketing strategies, you may think you are automatically putting yourself in the winner’s seat to dominate your industry and hit those high revenue goals with consistent year-over-year growth. But any digital marketing strategy that isn’t rooted in a deep understanding of your buyers and framed by your organization’s goals will ultimately put you in a position to hemorrhage funds through a variety of means. However, when you invest in a custom growth stack engineered by a top digital marketing agency, not only will you see measurable results on a solid ROI, you will significantly cut costs in operations thanks to the enhanced efficiency one finds when running a set of technology tools and strategies customized to your unique needs, and the needs of your buyers.

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Growth Marketing Stacks Cut Costs With a Multi Channel Approach

Traditionally, it takes a team of 10 marketers and 3 managers (for a mid size business) to run SEO, paid media and inbound marketing. Aside from the combined hours spent between every person, take into account these individual salaries. With a yearly average of $80K for each marketer and $150K for each manager, a mid size organization can expect to invest in 1.25 million dollars in man power alone. Then there is technology, equipment, and training that eat into your overall costs.

Enter the growth stack. When you customize a multichannel approach for generating multiple cross sections of traffic, utilize technology that transforms visitors into leads, and that employs marketing automation technology to nurture leads completely through the buyer’s journey until they are delighted customers, your organization will benefit from a massive increase in sales, at what is literally a fraction of the cost for running an average-sized internal team with a growth marketing team working with one or two people from your organization.

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Marketing Automation Saves Organizations Thousands

Despite the fact that we are living in a fast-moving technological world, few organizations have yet to embrace marketing automation technology. They still use teams of people to collect and analyze leads, manually email each one, and track and monitor the engagement. Marketing automation technology does all of these things, with the need for one person to program and monitor activities. This tool in of itself saves companies millions over the course of a few years.

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Growth Stacks Collect High-Level Data that Leads to Increased Earnings

Understanding who your buyers are, what their needs and pain points are, and how your products and services provide the best solutions to those needs will help improve audience targeting strategies that lead to better quality traffic that clicks on paid ads, the right organic traffic most likely to engage your blogs and web pages before converting into paying customers, and optimize email messaging that leads to more sales. Organizations spend thousands of dollars every month just to engage in advanced research to find the right information about your customers. But with a custom growth stack comes a robust CRM like HubSot capable of automatically capturing high-level data on your leads even down to their names, where they work, and their job titles. The CRM also segments leads into specific categories primed and ready for the marketing automation piece to send out custom messaging written at an intimate level for each target audience, using a programmed cadence that resonates with each buyer persona. This lone act in of itself would take half a dozen marketers and weeks of time. But with the growth stack, one person is required to work with your marketing agency to get even better results (no room for human error and leads falling through the cracks) in a fraction of the time, and with saving thousands in your investment, an influx of additional sales will pour in thus enabling the best bottom line reporting you will have likely seen. All in all, growth marketing stacks cut costs and improve efficiency for growing businesses.

Learn More About Our Custom Growth Stack and How it can Improve Your Bottom Line

This article has only scratched the surface as to how organizations can cut costs and increase earnings with a custom growth stack. From aligning your marketing and sales, to shortening your sales cycle, the growth stack is any CEO’s best kept secret. Download the guide below, see how your business model fits into the strategy, and give us a call so we can learn more about your goals.
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