Not Hitting Your Sales Goals? A Growth Marketing Approach can Make it Rain

Jen Saunders
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When organizations fail to hit their sales goals (and this is extremely common) they like to cushion their failed attempt by chalking it up as a learning experience. But in order for something to be a true learning experience, the ability to really understand where the holes were, how to plug them up, and how to create a safety net to prevent any loss from happening again. And this almost always means investing in tech tools, marketing strategies, aligning your sales and marketing teams, and creating growth marketing solutions that are designed on understanding your customers, and their direct needs. 

Learning through failure is a primary catalyst to hitting your high-revenue sales goals, year-after year. Unfortunately, most organizations don’t know how to excavate the problem areas, fully understand their buyers, and formulate the right strategy that synchronizes the sales cycle with buyer behavior while seeing that the right teams and marketing technology ensures organizations improve their bottom line while hitting top sales goals every quarter. 

This article is intended to help CEOs, other members of the C-Suite, executive managers, and other organizational leaders learn how to find the best custom solution to hitting high revenue sales goals on a regular basis.

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Growth Marketing Stacks are Life Preservers for Sales Enablement

A growth marketing stack is a custom set of tools and strategies compiled with a full understanding of how your customers make purchasing decisions. It is designed to attract and create leads, and nurture them into becoming paying customers through a funnel that outlines every step of the buyer’s journey. At the heart of every growth marketing stack is a CRM. Many award-winning growth marketing agencies use HubSpot for the following reasons:

  • It integrates with most software solutions businesses already use
  • It is easy for internal marketing teams to use and monitor
  • It allows growth marketing agencies and internal organization teams to stay aligned
  • It gives intimate data on leads that Google Analytics can’t provide
  • It has powerful marketing automation capabilities that can be fully customized
  • It shows detailed ROI for every strategy thus proving its direct value
  • It helps align sales with marketing
  • It is proven to create and convert more leads
  • It has multiple tiers of capabilities to meet the needs of any organization
  • Lets marketers and internal teams create custom forms,  landing pages and email marketing templates
  • Sales automation
  • Internal and client-facing task automation

In order to hit your sales goals, you need to have an arsenal of tools, tactics and strategies, but you also need these to be completely organized, easy to monitor for gauging value and return, and the right growth marketing agency working alongside your team to get maximum results.

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Improving Lead Volume and Quality Enables Hitting Your Sales Goals

When your marketing and sales departments are aligned, you get more leads, and higher quality leads. When you partner with the best HubSpot partner growth marketing agencies, you not only get access to the best marketing technology in the industry, but a team of skilled growth marketers who can dissect your current internal sales process, identify weaknesses, and create solutions to improve internal processes that will lead to an increase in sales. 

In order to improve lead volume, you need a multi-channel approach to attracting top-of-funnel traffic. Growth marketing agencies rely on SEO, paid media, inbound marketing, and social media to generate more traffic. Then, growth marketing teams create custom content that’s fed to specific buyer types through a finely tuned marketing automation system that filters out low-quality leads while identifying the ones worth targeting and nurturing thus improving their quality score as they advance through the funnel.

Growth marketing agencies have the tech tools in place to see the names of every lead, their email address, their job title, and who they work for–valuable information that allows marketing to improve audience targeting tactics, and that arms sales with the intimate details on potential buyers they need to close more deals.

Is the WEBITMD Growth Stack Your Solution to Hitting Sales Goals?

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