Mobile Website Design & Mobile SEO – It’s a must!

Mattan Danino
Reading Time:2minutes

It is evident clearly with the naked eyes that the rise in mobile technology has certainly changed the environment in the information technology sector and social media. The growth in the number of searches made and websites surfed on cell phones and tablets are so high that have phrased the year 2013 as the “year of mobile” and this is because it has been found that on an average an individual spends their one third of their time online via a mobile device only.

This growth has forced the digital media sector to morph their strategies and get more focused on their Mobile technology. The increase in the ratio of Mobile and tablet use in global traffic on the internet has made the SEO service providers and other associated fields to deal with desktops and Mobile phone at the same level.

It has been found that these days people access their social media account more often over a Tablet computer or Mobile phone than on a desktop, hence they demand their search results to be more appropriate and focused on the keywords they enter in the search engine. The relevance of the information delivered on their mobile screen has increased and due to this many digital media giants have brought changes to their approach foreseeing the continuedrisein mobile technologies for years to come.

Nowadaysthe changes in the digital media and approach of people towards it have generated a new ranking pattern that is mobile and tablet based. SEO sector is itself getting mobile and this led to the development of mobile apps which makes data access convenient and easy. The rise in Mobile and Tablet use has certainly influenced the SEO strategies us agencies take on as well. Looking forward us here at WebitMD have tailored our SEO mobile strategies to be in-line with the growth in search via mobile devices.

Make sure your business not only has a mobile friendly version of their website but also a mobile SEO strategy!

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