Losing Revenue to Competitors? How Growth Marketing Stacks can Double a Company’s Lead Volume

Martin Andrews
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Dominating your competition isn’t just a “nice goal to have”, it is a necessity to ensuring a profitable bottom line, and year-over-year growth. Not too long ago simply having a great product that stood was a ticket to the big game. Then turning on SEO or a paid media strategy was an ideal way to start gaining competitive ground and increase sales.

But times have changed, primarily because the way buyers make purchasing decisions has changed. Gone are the days when consumers relied on salespeople to inform them with information to make a purchasing decision. Today’s buyers are savvy researchers and take the time to read review sites, consumer message boards, blogs, and they even communicate with other shoppers in social media groups. This means single marketing strategies that focus on acquiring traffic from a specific channel won’t cut it either. Instead, investing in a strategy from a digital agency offering custom growth marketing stacks will help organizations double their lead volume and close more sales.

This article is intended to help CEOs and other members of the C Suite discover how custom growth marketing stacks can help brands dominate their industry and double their lead volume.

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What is a Growth Marketing Stack?

Before we delve into how growth marketing stacks can help you hit high sales goals and double your lead volume, let’s make sure we understand what a growth stack is. A growth marketing stack is a set of customized strategies and  technology tools that are aligned to work together towards achieving the same goal. The approach is built on a firm understanding of your target market and the journey they take when making a purchasing decision. A multi-channel approach to driving traffic not only increases your lead volume, but they data it generates in the process can be used by savvy marketing teams to optimize the overall marketing strategy to stretch your investment and see a heftier ROI.

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Growth Marketing Stacks Attract Higher Quality Leads

Not only is this article going to explain how growth marketing stacks can double your lead volume, but it will also show you how these leads will be of a significantly higher quality than those that would come from a solo strategy.  Remember, organic and paid media traffic make a first touch point that reveals very little data about lead identity and buyer needs. Basically, traffic clicks on links, engages with landing page content, and where they go from there is partially veiled in mystery when looking at Google Analytics.

However, when brands invest in a custom growth marketing stack its strategies are calibrated to work together at bringing in the right leads who are then qualified, segmented, and nurtured through the right funnel with target content while more in-depth data is collected to help marketers optimize the overall strategy to increase conversions, shorten the sales cycle, and make internal teams more efficient.

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Growth Marketing Stacks Usher Greater Lead Volume with a Multi-Channel Approach

If you are already investing in paid media or SEO, and the digital marketing agency has a skilled team of exceptional strategists, then you may be seeing a return on your investment with noticeable increases in traffic. Now imagine how a multi-channel approach to attracting traffic (and qualified traffic at that) can amplify lead volume, and bring an increase in traffic quality at that. This is what growth marketing stacks do; they cut your costs and increase lead volume and sales, catching the attention of CEOs everywhere, These strategies and tools are hand-selected by skilled marketers with a deep understanding of your customer’s buying behavior, their needs, how the brand’s products offer the best solutions to those needs, and a brand’s sales cycle. Then, backed by the same logic and driven to achieve the same goals, various marketing strategies like inbound, SEO, and others run together to put your sales and consumer engagement on steroids using everything from marketing automation and buyer-focused email copy, to modern SEO strategies and landing pages that exist as top-of-funnel lead nurturing campaigns that will lead to an influx of growth.

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The Digital Battleground for Competitive Dominance

No longer is having a unique product and a cool social media presence enough. Today’s battlefield for industry dominance relies on a brand’s ability to reach their customers, expand their consumer audience, convey value and trust, and provide solutions to a buyer’s needs–ALL of which a growth marketing stack does backed by academic-level marketing research, buyer personas, and being fluent in a brand’s industry.

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