What to Look for in an IT Provider to Compliment Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Brian Miller
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There are two main services that help organizations hit their growth goals. A multi-channel digital marketing strategy, and IT services. First of all, don’t expect to find both in the same place, as these are two completely separate services. You wouldn’t expect your mechanic to repair your transmission and remove your impacted wisdom tooth, would you? Of course not. This is why it is critical to invest in a digital marketing agency that uses a full-funnel growth marketing approach, and an IT company that implement the right strategy while collecting the right data to ensure growth. 

Here is the main thing to look for in an IT provider: find a company that can communicate with your digital marketing agency that’s capable and willing to give them the right data they need to make optimizations to the strategy to generate revenue.

We have written multiple articles on how to source the best digital marketing agency to help you meet your needs and hit your goals. Therefore, this article will focus on how to find an IT service provider that has the skills and experience necessary to make them an ideal partner to work with your sales and marketing experts.

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Why Dictate Some of the Digital Marketing Budget to IT?

Marketing turns leads into revenue, so why allocate some of the budget to IT services? Information technology plays an important role in business. Businesses use information technology to ensure operations run efficiently without any problems. In addition, IT allows organizations to keep up with supply and demand as customers grow increasingly anxious to get product quickly. So finding an IT company that can provide all the important services while working with your digital marketing team to ensure both strategies work towards achieving the same goals is crucial.

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Your Provider Should Offer All the Top IT Services

When vetting the best IT companies, you will want to make sure they are qualified and skilled to provide the main services that make up a holistic IT strategy, much like your digital marketing blueprint. These include IT assessment, project management, strategy, design, and implementation. Make sure the IT company you interview explains the order they perform these, and have them explain the logic of their approach.

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They Should Work with Multiple Industries to Prove Depth

In order for an IT company to know what kind of data to mine that’s valuable to your marketing team, they need to have a deep reach. So if IT companies only excel at providing services within one industry, then they are clearly lacking skills if they are unable to drive business across multiple fields (or empower your marketing team). That said, look for IT companies that specialize in a major industry like health care, but that also provide IT solutions for other industries such as financial institutes, the entertainment industry, major utilities, and manufacturing. Such a portfolio is a testimony to the IT company and its ability to provide innovative solutions for the most demanding needs.

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IT Companies and Core Values

When people think about “core values” most envision an opportunity for companies to brag about themselves and print  fluffy PR candy and web page filler. But when it comes to IT companies, core values are important to discover because ethics and purpose play heavily into how information technology is provided. Look for a partner driven by high-quality, and pin-point proven instances where this is reflected in their work. They should also focus on being unbiased advocates for their clients, meaning there is no favoritism or incentives with vendors. Instead, the best IT companies pair clients with vendors best suited to help organizations achieve their goals.

Accountability is also huge, and IT companies, like digital marketing teams, need to take accountability for their clients. You should also look for an IT company that prides itself on offering full transparency across all levels of operation. Finally, an agile approach and method should be at the heart of their core values, and any digital marketing goals should be outlined and implemented into appropriate IT initiatives.

Compelled to find an IT Provider? First Make Sure you have the Best Digital Marketing Solution!

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