What to Look for in a Proven Business Growth Stack

Jen Saunders
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Over the last few years, today’s marketing landscape has changed dramatically. From technology to strategy, to search behavior and how consumers make purchasing decisions, we are well past outbound and traditional digital marketing.

If you are keen on upping your digital marketing strategy with a custom growth stack, you are likely experiencing a problem. Perhaps you have outgrown your current tool set. Or you can’t seem to convert enough leads. Worse yet, your leads may be slipping through the cracks. Your consumers are savvy; they can’t be closed with a simple landing page that connects them with a sales call. Rather, buyers crave knowledge and they engage in thorough research to better understand their need and the product that offers the best solution. If your internal marketing fails to do this at a cost-effective high-level then it is time to invest in a business growth stack engineered to hit YOUR goals and resonate with YOUR buyers.

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First Things First, Why do I Need a Business Growth Stack?

As any business grows, various departments with different issues surface. Software is a primary problem area. People often think that more growth means more tools, and while this may apply to some organizations it doesn’t apply to most. Tools are meant to save time while increasing productivity. However, too many tools can create friction and slow down operations while creating room for error. Rarely are these tools synced to work together, allowing even more room for error and wasted time. According to HubSpot, 30 percent of sales and marketing teams face frustration and slowdown from trying to connect and integrate various tools. In addition, hours are wasted in trying to connect analytics to reporting, and manually entering data.

A custom business growth stack should be complete while using as few tools as possible that offer multiple services, as opposed to one tool for a single task. The growth stack should avoid being over complicated and designed to sync in perfect unison across the tool-set while connecting your teams. Your marketing automation software should also flawlessly integrate with your existing tools to remain in your stack.

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Business Growth Stack and the Right Technology

Your CRM and marketing automation software should be one in the same. This keeps things simple on multiple levels that span for user friendliness to monitoring, and from lead nurturing to tracking sales.

Your technology pieces should be carefully selected to provide seamless communication. It takes a certain infrastructure that garners effective team and technical communication. For example, G-Suite is one example of a cloud-based productivity app that offers business essentials like a calendar, email, file storage and sharing, online conferencing and team chat capabilities. For larger organizations Slack is a favorite internal communication tool that can sync with CRMs to streamline internal management and communication.

Your tools also need to allow you to set the right cadence. Part of growing your business in an agile environment means you will be having conversations with leads and customers. Not only do you need a tool that allows you to segment leads according to buyer persona and other points to create opportunities for conversations with intention, it must also automate the right messaging, at the right time to target audiences. Look for a business growth stack with a CRM capable of multiple tasks and that integrates with your email marketing platform, website’s ecommerce tools, and any other pieces vital to your custom stack. Remember, the CRM is the circulatory system to your living, breathing marketing machine giving you clear insight into all your tool’s relationships in a single, simple location.

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The Content Strategy is Vital to a Lucrative Business Growth Stack

When in comes to content strategy, there are a number of buckets of equal importance. These include:

  • Content solely for SEO to drive top, middle, and bottom funnel traffic
  • Blogs
  • Landing page content
  • Email marketing copy
  • Downloadable content – assets, guides, white papers, etc.
  • CTAs

Your digital marketing agency responsible for engineering your growth stack and monitoring all the moving parts should also be the source of your content. Avoid partnering with an agency that outsources content. When external teams provide content there is always a disconnect with the customer, the organization and (more importantly) the strategy itself that aims to achieve all the micro goals required to hit the big one–increase revenue and customers.

Top performing SEO strategies use a cluster model for blogging that ties into the web page strategy. Email copy, assets, landing pages and other content pieces are created by skilled marketers who have a deep understanding of how organization’s customers consume industry information and engage content. There is an art and a science to orchestrating a winning content piece for the best business growth marketing stacks. Carefully vet your short list of agencies to see if their approach is top form.

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The Best Business Growth Stacks Require Sales Enablement

While some agencies offer growth stacks that stop at driving traffic or leads, the true value exists in a digital marketing agency that sees value in helping companies close the loop with a sales strategy and any needed tools. When pieced together with a logic base, deal opportunities turn into revenue. CRM, sales templates, deal stages and automation are combined to increase your sales team’s efficiency with measurable impact that can be tracked and optimized.

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