What to Look for in an Ecommerce Marketing Agency Going into 2020

Monica Vargas
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With Google’s ever evolving algorithm and the fact that consumers now spend more time researching products before making a purchasing decision, digital marketing in general has become increasingly difficult. That said, perfecting an ecommerce strategy is all the more challenging. 

Today’s leading brands know the value of investing with an ecommerce marketing agency specializing in SEO, paid media, inbound, and all the other required strategies that turn website visits into conversions. So rule number one: make sure the ecommerce marketing agency also functions as a full-funnel growth marketing agency that uses a multi-channel approach to attract, nurture, and convert traffic. Now, if your sales cycle is short and your buyers have no need to research your products, then this approach could be an overkill, and in that case the ecommerce marketing agency will offer a custom solution that’s more appropriate to your business model, and your customer’s needs. But simply knowing they have the talent to execute an advanced strategy is a testimony that they can achieve growth for any client, regardless of their goals and needs. 

This article is intended to help CEOs, CMOs, marketing managers, and sales leaders know how to identify a high-quality ecommerce marketing agency best suited to help them his their growth goals while ensuring 2020 will be highly profitable.

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The Ecommerce SEO Approach Must be Modernized for Today’s Searchers

The majority of online searches are performed on mobile devices. This means optimizing content to rank for voice search on mobile phones, and for smart home devices, is critical for attracting a high quality level of traffic most likely to convert. The best ecommerce SEO strategy can achieve this, while still presenting an ideally optimized site for desktop searches. But this is a complex strategy that involves a number of moving pieces.

The main things your agency should focus on when running an ecommerce SEO strategy includes:

  • Optimizing page titles, tags and meta descriptions
  • Optimizing home page and primary pages
  • Optimizing product descriptions
  • Designing an internal linking strategy
  • Pillar pages
  • Blog clusters

Before optimized content can do its job in attracting the right kind of traffic, the site itself must provide a healthy environment for SEO to work well. This means page titles must use the right keyword to help Google understand the page’s content and its purpose. In addition, H1 and H2 tags should be present and use the right keywords, in the right context, to attract your ideal buyers with all the power of a heavy-duty magnet. Once these tasks have been completed, the ecommerce marketing agency should dive right into product description and web page optimization.

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Look for an Ecommerce Marketing Agency that Optimizes Product Descriptions

Think about it: when you are shopping online for a product, you are going to be descriptive in your search query. If you know exactly what you want, you might type in “Ted Baker men’s black sweater size M”, or even if you aren’t entirely sure what you are looking for, you will be specific in expressing the problem you are trying to resolve by using a query such as “tech gift ideas for nature lovers”.

When optimizing your product descriptions, be sure to give the usual product specs, but also indicate who it’s for, what it does, and how people use the item. Since Google’s algorithm continues to evolve to understand buyer intent and needs, you have a better chance of ranking for the right people that will convert to a sale if your product descriptions provide solutions to specific needs,

Optimizing product descriptions also includes a linking strategy. Every product description should link back to the primary category page, and use an anchor text that includes the main keyword with added context to make it unique. A strategy like this will enable “SEO juice” to pass across all products, giving the search engine a plethora of information about that the products are, and who are are for, and the solutions they provide, while empowering the primary product page which helps increase rankings for today’s buyers.

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Ecommerce SEO Should Align with an Inbound Strategy

If your sales cycle and business model makes sense for a full-funnel growth marketing strategy, then your ecommerce marketing agency needs to run SEO and inbound marketing together using an approach designed to let both strategies achieve the same goals. A good ecommerce marketing agency will create buyer personas and generate leads based on these identities. Then, a CRM is used to help marketers manage leads, and automate content designed to convert every buyer type on through the next stage of the funnel until they make a purchase or fill out a form (whatever the goal might be). 

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Internal Structure and Organization

Finally, when shopping for an ecommerce marketing agency, be sure to learn how their internal structure works and how the agency will communicate with your team members. It is always ideal to have one point of contact in a relationship with an ecommerce marketing agency. Og course you have your directors of SEO, paid media, and various strategists that you may wish to communicate with, but if there is a single point of contact that has an overall view of the entire project and all strategies, your ability to manage your team, and stay in the loop with the agency will be easy, smooth, and there will be no room for miscommunication. If the structure and communication approach removes the potential for the chaos that often comes with “too many cooks in the kitchen”, and all the considerations in this article are present, along with a robust set of tech tools, then you can have total faith that you have found an ideal ecommerce marketing agency capable of helping you hit your growth goals in 2020.

Is a Full-Funnel Approach an Ideal Fit for Your Ecommerce Business?

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