iPhone 8 VS Samsung Galaxy S8: One Digital Marketer’s Preference

Jen Saunders

iPhone vs Android. iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8; just perform a Google search on the topic and look at the public comments. For years this has been a heated discussion that gets people as fired up as those who argue about religion and politics. At the end of the day, both devices are multi-purpose tools we use personally and professionally. Whether you are forwarding a doc to a client, or phoning mom to check in, it is, first and foremost, a device we use for communicating. After that it is a “digital Swiss Army knife” with various app-enabled or built-in tools ranging from a camera to a flashlight, and to a personal assistant to the remote control to your smart home functions. Though tech specs set the two apart, what ultimately matters is what one primarily uses their phone for and how the specs meet one’s needs. As a digital marketing director, here’s my verdict before I’ve even touched the iPhone 8.

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iPhone vs Samsung and my Final Decision

In 2010 I purchased the first Samsung Galaxy S; it was far superior to any phone I had ever owned, and I continued to upgrade to the latest version until 2013 when, for the hell of it, I tried the iPhone 5. After using the iPhone for 30 days, I returned it and went back to Samsung. Google Maps wasn’t working, the camera wasn’t nearly as good as the Galaxy’s, and I couldn’t customize the iPhone to my liking. More importantly, it was never able to sync up in real-time with my Gmail work account.

Last Friday I decided to upgrade my Samsung S7 Edge. So naturally I pre-ordered the iPhone 8 without even being able to hold one in my hand. By the time this article gets published I will have had my new iPhone for a few days. So why would someone in tech marketing order the iPhone when it was met with such hate four years ago? Because my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge started giving me massive problems after owning it for eight months, and the research I did comparing the iPhone 8 to the S8 left me with one lasting impression: iPhone has finally beaten Samsung in the quality department (at least in my opinion).

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Power, Give Me Power!

Simply put, the iPhone 8 has the most powerful processor ever seen in a phone, the A11 Bionic processor. This means the phone’s CPU is not going to piss me off by being prone to slowness and freezing. An article published in PC Mag calls the Samsung’s Snapdragon 835-powered S8 a “midrange device” compared to the powerful A11 Bionic in the iPhone. I will be using the same phone for work and personal use. And because I work for a tech-forward digital marketing agency, I knew I needed a phone that wouldn’t crap its pants. I tried installing Slack on my Samsung Galaxy S7 and the damn thing kept freezing while colleagues reported zero problems using Slack on their iPhone 7. Also, because I need to reply to clients in a timely manner, I need a powerful mobile device to store my Google docs and quickly load them into outgoing emails. The A11 Bionic processor is stronger than any past iPhone or tablet to ever exist, and this factor alongside Snapdragon’s blah 835 S8 reviews were reasons enough for me to switch to the other side of the force.

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I Don’t Care About Resolution Pixel Density

I don’t spend hours of my personal time on social media the way most people do, I don’t watch movies / TV (or even YouTube videos) on my mobile, and I don’t play video games. That said, the resolution is the least of my concerns. And honestly, I doubt I could even tell a significant difference between these two devices. But for the record, the iPhone 8 hasn’t increased its resolution of pixel density; it is still a 1,334-by-750 Retina HD display with a 326ppi (hey, that’s good enough for me). However, if you want the sharpest image and have an eye to see fine detail then you may favor the Samsung Galaxy S8 with its 2,960-by-1,440 resolution at 570ppi. But for me, it’s just a little extra pp.

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Size Matters

Some people think bigger is better, but not me. At 5.5 inches in diameter, my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is just a tad bigger than I wish. It can’t fit comfortably in my back pocket. Therefore I toss it in my bag and when clients call I have to fumble around for it. The new Samsung Galaxy S8 is even bigger at 5.8 inches, so that’s no good. However, the iPhone 8 is 4.7 inches and the perfect size to fit in my pocket and be easily accessible no matter what I’m doing at the time.

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Ability to Google

The App Store allows iPhone users to download Google Chrome for the preferred browser, and using Google Analytics on the previous iPhone was a breeze and will prove to be the same with the 8. Of course Google Maps now works beautifully on the iPhone, so really the ability to work on an iPhone using Google is equal to Samsung.

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Final Thoughts

Although I have always had an iMac, MacBook Pro, and an iPod my mobile phone loyalty has been with Samsung, until now. I must confess to two other things that somewhat played into my decision to buy the iPhone: (1) I already have Apple devices throughout my home so an iPhone would synch perfectly into streamlining my life, and (2) I am extremely impatient and my blood pressure skyrockets if I’m trying to work on a slow handset. Again, in looking at the real selling features for me, the iPhone 8 fits in my pocket and has a stronger processor. As a digital marketing professional who needs constant access to docs, speedy client communications, instant internal communications, and speedy task performance, I am willing to sacrifice on the slight difference in resolution. Am I sacrificing on the camera? I don’t think so. While some ratings show that the Samsung camera is slightly better, most trusted reviews say they can’t tell a difference. Regarding design, I like both but have always favored that classic iPhone look, and I’m glad that I get the button function with the 8.

My iPhone 8, Fresh from the Box

In closing, here are front and back photos of my iPhone 8, with my personal aesthetic touch applied in choice of cover and wallpaper. I have already synced my Slack (works speedy-quick) my Gmail work email, Docs and added Google Chrome.

Next month I will write a follow up to this article and address whether or not I made the right decision. In the meantime, I will enjoy syncing my life to my new device and hope it doesn’t disappoint.

Here is a back view; I chose a real wood case that allows the Apple icon to show and that compliments my wallpaper.

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