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 When you hear the word “engagement,” you might picture a bride and groom, diamond rings and lavish wedding plans. However, for your digital marketing agency, website engagement is actually about connecting with prospects and developing them into customers through your business’s website and social media channels. Online engagement includes taking advantage of opportunities to connect with your brand’s value, developing trust for your message, product and service.
Increase Your online engagement with SEO

Elizabeth Taylor’s Many Engagements

The famous Hollywood actress, Elizabeth Taylor, married eight times throughout her lifetime, and she was engaged to be married to several additional men. As one of the most charming, famous and glamorous women in the world, Taylor was effective in developing these close personal relationships. This classic beauty clearly possessed the qualities that were attractive to both the movie studios and the opposite sex.

The lesson for intriguing and effective online engagement is the same; it’s about the ability to build relationships – successfully and repeatedly. However, unlike Taylor’s relationships, the key is to not let those business relationships end in divorce! Learning to build intrigue while keeping your audience interested is imperative to building a business brand that is unforgettable and engaging, just like Taylor.

Content marketing drives consumer engagement

Quality Content Marketing Increases Website Engagement

The quality of the information you provide on your website, social media channels and other types of digital content is a critical tool for engaging with potential customers. Providing information that is interesting, well developed and tailored to your specific audience ensures that your message will make a good first impression and be seen by your preferred audience, which can translate into substantial website engagement and conversions. A website that is visually attractive and easy to navigate encourages viewers to continue to engage with your brand, products, and services. Your best best is to interview a few local SEO agencies that specialize in content marketing, and ask them how they can increase your engagement with high-quality content with measurable metrics and data.

Social media marketing leads to greater consumer engagement.

Social Media and Website Engagement

Thoughtfully maintaining your social media channels allows you to engage continually with prospects and provide pertinent information about your product or services. Hitting the right notes with useful information, relevant links and intriguing headlines will encourage comments, content sharing and crank up website engagement by driving people to designated landing pages. At the same time, posting too often or using too many hashtags or low-quality content can backfire and decrease website engagement.

Setting the tone with a personal, genuine approach will help your followers to remain interested in your updates and useful content. Asking questions or for other types of personal contributions gives your followers a reason to interact on your social media channels. Posting outside regular business hours can also increase engagement, as that is when many social media users are active online, and it is more likely that your content marketing will be seen.

Capture Attention With Video

Videos are a great way to engage with prospects who may not have the time to read content or review your website. A picture is worth a thousand words, and video offers the opportunity to quickly relay the value of your message to your desired audience. The key is a high-quality production with attention-grabbing information that will capture the interest of your potential customers and can easily be distributed through email, your website or social media.

email marketing enhances website engagement

E-Mail Marketing Tips

Although social media is a quick way to engage frequently with many prospects, e-mail marketing remains the best way to send and track well-crafted messages to a wide range of customers and prospects. The ability to track your subscribers’ response to digital newsletters helps you to know if your marketing message was received and if it has been read. Announcing special offers or discounts only via email marketing provides your messages with the value, but to increase website engagement, it is important that email marketing is not overly promotional and contains other information of interest to your audience.

Nurture and Follow Those Leads

Converting leads into dedicated customers starts with your reciprocated engagement, and it requires you to take advantage of opportunities to start a dialogue with prospects. Developing a marketing protocol with results-producing steps for relationship building for these leads is imperative. Customer relationship management (CRM) software is designed to help you and your business stay in touch with your prospects in a meaningful and consistent way.

Measure your engagement metrics to empower your SEO

Measure Your Website Engagement Statistics

Using analytics to measure website engagement is an important way to ensure that your digital marketing efforts are being well received and resulting in meeting your goals. The path that users take through your website and the pages that they choose to visit – or on which they linger – can reveal a great deal of useful information about your potential customers and the type of information that interests them. It is wise to take advantage of this resource and the meaningful information it provides.

SEO brings greater website engagement.

Elizabeth’s Taylor’s Secrets for Engagement

Taylor’s secret for her many marriage engagements was her charm, beauty and ability to attract the opposite sex. With a digital marketing agency approach of producing the most informative, high-quality marketing materials and content, your business can engage a devoted audience and invest in long-term relationships with customers.

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