HubSpot Agency Tips: Lead Source Tracking the Easy Way

Jason Patel
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Businesses should analyze and custom-tailor the sales and marketing process to ensure the company is effectively reaching the target audience. Utilizing a strong sales and marketing growth stack from a HubSpot partner agency can ensure that your business converts lead into sales. 

But you’ll also want to know where these are coming from. HubSpot provides numerous tools for sales, marketing, and lead generation. Now, with HubSpot, there are many ways to do this. But some are more complicated than others. This article will show you how to set up lead source tracking quickly and painlessly. 

Why is Lead Source Tracking Important?

The channel which initially attracted a lead to your website is the original lead source. Even if the lead uses a secondary lead source to contact the company, you still want to know what the original lead source was. This is how you know which tactics and channels are producing the most/best leads.

For example, if a lead first discovers your business through an organic search and later decides to contact your business via a phone call, the original lead source is organic search. The phone call would be considered a secondary lead source. 

How Does Lead Tracking Help Marketing and Sales Teams?

Understanding what draws a visitor to your business and how the visitor initially discovers your company can give you essential data about your website’s traffic. Sales and marketing teams can use this data to gain helpful insights that will improve overall marketing and sales efforts.

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There are a multitude of channels that can help a lead take an interest in your business, including Organic Search, Paid Search, Social Media, Email, and more.  Knowing which channels attract the greatest and least amount of quality leads can influence crucial business decisions that impact the marketing budget.

This data is helpful because it allows you to invest more in the channels which generate quality leads. And lead source tracking will be the foundation for this. Ultimately lead source tracking helps you get the biggest ROI on your marketing investment.

The Easy Way to Set Up Lead Source Tracking

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Lead source tracking can be done in many different ways in HubSpot. But there is no need to overcomplicate things. Here’s how to begin lead source tracking using HubSpot:

  • First, enable the Salesforce Connector.
  • Next, select “make this field hidden.”
  • Finally, update the lead source property value for individual contacts.

Setting up lead source tracking this way takes only a few minutes and saves you tons of headaches. Acquiring and analyzing lead sources will ultimately lead to a more effective marketing strategy and help your business grow.

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