How to Weave SEO into Growth Marketing to Improve Traffic Quality and Increase Sales

Jen Saunders
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If you are a CEO, or you hold a position in which you are responsible for managing marketing operations and the overall impact on your business growth, then you are likely utilizing SEO as one of many available marketing channels. But how are you investing in this marketing strategy: as a solo investment, or are you working with a growth marketing agency specializing in SEO that uses organic search strategies as one of many methods for attracting a higher caliber of traffic likely to convert to sales? A growth marketing stack can garner better results, and achieve a higher ROI if in fact your business is a good fit and your sales cycle and product price point makes sense. However, a growth marketing stack is not always the best solution for every business, so it is important to have a consultation with a growth marketing agency to see if the strategy aligns with your business and its goals, or if investing in SEO as a singular strategy is more ideal.

This article examines SEO as part of a Growth Marketing Stack and explains how it can enhance traffic quality while increasing sales. While a good modern SEO strategy as an ala carte offering can also improve traffic quality and increase sales, when used within a multi-channel approach, the results will always produce more.

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Identify Your Goals and Define How SEO Will Help You Achieve Them

Whether your direct goals are to increase sales, get form submits for setting appointments, or any other desired action, you need to understand how SEO can help you achieve your goals, and if the digital marketing strategy can be best utilized as part of a Growth Marketing Stack, or as a singular tactic. Determining this involves a careful analysis of your sales process, how marketing and sales are aligned, your sales cycle, and buyer’s journey, among other things. A Google-partner growth marketing agency specializing in SEO will be able to help you determine the best way to weave SEO into a strategy to help maximize your ability to hit those high-revenue targets.

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SEO can Be Used to Attract Specific Buyers to High-Conversion Landing Pages

Even if you only sell one product or service (or you are trying to push sales on a singular item), you have multiple buyer types. Keep in mind your products offer a number of features and benefits, but from a consumer standpoint most people are prioritizing a single need.

For example, imagine a scuba diving supply business with a goal to sell more BCDs. The product they are focusing on selling has is a buoyancy control device multiple benefits: eight stainless steel D-rings for hanging technical gear, a wing with the highest lift it its class, integrated weight pockets, and it’s fully adjustable to fit any diver.

SEO can be used to identify the various keywords and search terms various buyer personas use when looking for a BCD that provides a single need, and optimize product pages, product descriptions, blogs and landing pages with custom content designed to educate buyers based on their specific need, then either convert them on the spot, or send them to the checkout page.

If SEO is going to be used in a Growth Marketing Stack, the same thing will happen here, with some additional strategies to maximize results. In addition to SEO ranking pages designed to convert buyers according to their unique needs, these pages can be part of an inbound marketing campaign designed to nurture buyer’s through an educational journey where they are more likely to convert into a sale then click out of the page they land on. In addition, paid media and email marketing campaigns can be working alongside SEO to help drive the same high-quality traffic.

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When SEO is Used in a Growth Marketing Stack, High Quality Data is Accessible

Traditionally, SEO agencies rely on Google Analytics to uncover data giving insight into user behavior. The problem is, the data is vague and only reveals surface layer information like bounce rate, average session duration, new visitors, conversion rate, and nothing that goes too deep. In other words, you don’t know where the traffic came from, what journey they took before converting (or not converting) nor do you know any personal details about each web visitor.

So why is knowing this data important? Because the more you can extract from your visitor’s identities and the journeys they took before entering your site (and where they went once they landed there), the more intimate details you can pull to optimize content to increase all the important metrics that matter in the world of SEO (and more importantly, optimize content that better converts to sales).

When SEO is used in a Growth Stack, it, along with other marketing channels, is fed to a CRM where all leads, analytics, and activities are organized and segmented into easy-to-read and manageable screenshots. The best part is that intimate details are captured such as the visitor’s name, their job title, where they work, and what pieces of content they engaged with before filling out a form or downloading a piece of content. This data can be added to buyer personas used for SEO strategies that target specific buyer types with highly personalized content that will have a significant impact on conversion rates that will help businesses hit their sales goals.

Just as intimate data entering CRMs can be used to improve organic audience targeting tactics, SEO data can be used to improve content in email marketing and inbound campaigns. By knowing which search terms achieve higher rankings with specific buyer types, keywords and their specific context can be used to make emails and inbound content more relevant, and as a result, higher traffic quality will enter the funnel and with better traffic comes more sales. Yes, it’s that easy.

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