How to Use a Team of 3 to Get the Results of a 10-Member Growth Marketing Team

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As a member of your company’s C-Suite, your ultimate responsibility revolves around bottom line reporting. And in your incumbency comes a set of specific goals you must achieve in order to be highly profitable and see year-over-year growth.

From ensuring that every arm of your marketing strategy delivers a measurable ROI, to cutting costs and increasing efficiency, CEOs who partner with a top growth marketing agency have the luxury of entrusting a team of specialists who use a set of customized strategies and tech tools to ensure the best results and help lighten your workload. If you could employ a team of three to get BETTER results than that which comes from a team of 10, you would sign on the dotted line, right? Growth stacks can make this possible.

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Internal Growth Marketing Math: Why 3 is Greater than 10

Traditionally, organizations have an internal marketing team average of 10 people. These individuals include sales professionals, email marketers, data analysts, lead managers, workflow strategists, managers, trainers, social media marketers, and a number of other marketing professionals, some with tech chops, and others whose skills revolve around marketing research. With an average salary of $80K to $150K a year, the results clearly need to justify these salaries.

But what if you could get the same results (or better results) using a team of three? Thanks to Growth Marketing Stacks and robust CRMs that connect all their dots (like HubSpot), marketing automation technology, advanced analytics, lead scoring capabilities, and some other technology pieces simplify workflow creation and management, lead nurturing, and a plethora of other tactics.

This article will explain how growth marketing stacks can improve your bottom line, in multiple ways, and simplify your marketing efforts while bringing a measurable return at a fraction of the cost you would spend on a 10-man team.

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First, What is a Growth Marketing Stack?

Let’s start with a basic definition of what the very thing is that can help you hit your revenue targets, increase efficiency, and slash your marketing costs: the growth stack.

A growth stack is a customized set of strategies and tools synchronized to work together to achieve the same goals.The approach also aligns marketing and sales (two entities that seldom speak to one another) to improve audience targeting and lead nurturing results, and uses a multi-channel approach grounded in a firm understanding of how the organization’s customers make purchasing decisions.

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Growth Marketing Stacks Remove the Need for Advanced Buyer Research

One way organizations are able to slash their workforce by more than half and get better results in buyer persona creation and audience targeting strategies is that growth marketing stacks collect all the important time-consuming data, automatically, while removing the margin for human error.

Buyer personas are an integral part of growth-driven strategies. In order to generate leads and nurture them to the point of satisfied buyers, all tactics must be grounded in an understanding of the customer’s needs, and how the brand’s products and services offer the best solutions to those pain points.

CRMs like HubSpot serve as mission control for the growth marketing strategy, and this is where marketers can get high-level data on their leads, instantaneously, that would other side take a multi-team group weeks to gather. Growth marketing stacks show marketers the names of leads, where they work, and what their job titles are. This information can’t be harvested through Google Analytics, so it takes human teams a significant amount of time to uncover. Knowing this level of information helps to significantly improve buyer personas and audience targeting tactics that lead to higher sales.

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Growth Marketing Stacks Improve Lead Generation by Connecting Sales to Marketing

In most cases, sales and marketing have a relationship that mirrors oil and vinegar: they are great together, but hard to bond. Traditionally, there is a manager and a team responsible for taking the educational content created by marketing, and help keep sales abreast to all the buying stages and the actions that take place within them. When marketing talks to sales an organization’s ability to attract people, qualify leads, and nurture them until they are satisfied customers becomes more complicated, more time-consuming, and gaps open up where leads can fall off the face of the earth–how companies leave money on the table.

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Growth Marketing Stacks Automate Email Campaigns, and it Takes 3 or Less Team Members

Without a growth stack, a hefty team is required to run email marketing campaigns. From data collection and analysis to content creation, and from monitoring lead activity, to responding to the right leads, at the right time, with the right content, the entire process is very time-consuming and must require a full team of marketers with specialty areas.

When you invest in a growth stack powered by HubSpot, the system can be programmed to automate the right messaging and content to target segments of your leads and automatically qualify them to the next stage of the buyer’s journey. In all actuality, a single person could monitor this process while the marketing automation platform does all the hard work. However, a team of three is ideal because content will need to be created, and analytics studied–two things HubSpot can’t do on its own. But what the platform can do is manage leads, segment them into precise groups, and use a specific cadence in reaching buyers at the right moment with content that nurtures them into making a sale.

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