How to Spend Summer Optimizing Your Digital Marketing Strategy for Peak Winter Months

Jen Saunders
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If your products or services have seasonal highs in winter, then summer is the perfect time to re-evaluate your marketing and find room for improvements. If you missed your high-revenue target last winter, there were reasons for the miss and they likely aren’t all that apparent.

Winter is five months away, and there is a lot you can accomplish in that time if you stay focused and organized. From understanding the big picture and the strategies and tools it takes to dominate your industry, to better understanding your customers, there are a number of things you can do to optimize your digital marketing strategy for greater success. Here are some tips to consider.

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Enroll in a Growth Stack Workshop

Nothing will better prepare you for revamping your marketing strategy than enrolling in a digital marketing workshop focused on growth stack discovery. Here, an in-depth discovery and strategy road-mapping process tailored to your business will carry out. The agency running your digital marketing workshop will run through a business discovery stage where they will learn about your offerings, target customers, differentiators, and other information that will lead to a customized deliverable. This is also when a comprehensive buyer persona will be created to serve as a blueprint for targeting precise customers. Digital marketing workshops should also include a technology audit to discover which tools are needed, how they work together to achieve goals at budget and pinpoint missed opportunities in tools that aren’t being used or are under-used. A business channel revenue analytics and paid media audit should also take place here, along with a look at your sales process. Once a strategy is set, you will then be able to decide with your agency if a working partnership is ideal, or if you want to take the knowledge you gained and set it to work internally, Either way, you will be in a better position to optimize your strategy so it will be ready to pump out big wins in the winter.

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Create Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are fictitious representations of your actual buyers. Depending on what’s relevant these can include gender, income level, job role, job responsibilities and family status (as well as a number of other talking points). Buyer personas help your marketing team create customized content tailored to specific buyer groups. It also helps fine-tune an understanding of which social media platforms to publish content to, and where to publish blogs. Buyer personas remove the risk when you just write messaging and post it to the mood; it allows your marketing team to eliminate all the unnecessary content that doesn’t resonate with buyers, as well as posting it to channels they rarely engage.

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Refresh Your SEO Strategy

In order to increase your organic traffic for your peak winter months, you will need to reevaluate your SEO strategy. Start with a competitor analysis. You can use tools like SpyFu to see who your organic competitors are, what keywords they rank for, and what volume of organic traffic they get. Speaking of keywords, it’s a good idea to redo your keyword list. There are some that may no longer be relevant, and you may find new ones. Be sure to include longtail forms of your keywords too.

You will also want to do an SEO audit on your own site checking all titles, tags and meta. Make sure your audit reveals any site errors and broken links. You will also want to perform a backlink audit looking for any toxic ones to disavow. Is your site loading quickly enough and is it user-friendly on mobile devices? If not you will want to optimize the site for better performance, which may require reaching out to a creative developer. Do you have schema in place? Is it optimized correctly? Getting your technical SEO buttoned up will increase your ability to see a huge upswing in traffic.

It will also be beneficial for you to refresh your backlink strategy. Are you posting content to appropriate referring domains? Just because they are directly related to your industry doesn’t necessarily mean they are ideal. Check the content quality from other contributors. You will also want to check the referring domain’s own backlinks. If there are spammy and poor quality links you are wise to move on to a better partner.

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Rethink Your Blog for a New Digital Marketing Strategy

Blogs are powerful in multiple ways. They can help with SEO, spread brand awareness, garner new visitors to the site, and even close sales. Unfortunately, most organizations blog without any strategy; they just write about topics that reflect keywords they are trying to rank for.

You will want to create a content cluster strategy with a pillar page. This is where you come up with a set number of topics. Each topic will address a specific buyer persona, have a unique context, be relevant to your other blogs, and all will link to a single pillar page on your website; usually the primary service or product page. Google will like this because it will demonstrate structured content, and your customers will love it because it will be user friendly and address specific topics they care about.

Does your blog have a CTA? It is ideal to have a CTA at the end of your blog that takes readers to a product page where they can select an item and checkout. Based on your sales process, you may want the CTA to take readers to a form submit.

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Your Email List and Messaging

Before your peak season starts, go in and clean up your email list. Remove people who never open your emails. Their email addresses have either changed, or they simply aren’t interested. Also remove anyone who might be family, co-workers, or people you know who will never convert. In order to generate clear data for future optimization, you need to eliminate dead contacts or “stuffed names” from your email list, as well as any false email addresses like 1234@gmail or any other email address that was clearly made up by a reader who wanted access to your information but didn’t want to give up their real identity.

Once you have a clean list, check to see which emails got the highest CTR and generated the highest conversions. You will also want to look at the ones that got the lowest engagement. Define what the successful email content has in common, and begin creating email strategies using these findings for your winter campaign.

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